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September 27, 2006

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Moose Photo

Dp_mooseTo those of you who are interested, here I am with the poor dead moose. He measured 55" point to point, but since a couple of points had been broken off fighting with other bulls, he probably would have gone 57" unblemished. His last words were, "If I had to be shot, I'm glad it was by a self-actuated person. Tell mother I died game."


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Ralph the Rifleman

Congrads Dave-Nice Moose

JA Demko

"His last words were, "If I had to be shot, I'm glad it was by a self-actuated person. Tell mother I died game."

Self-actualized AND bilingual! There's no end to the surprizes from you, Dave Petzal. Not many folks speak moose any more...or was it the moose who was bilingual?


The life of a Gun Writer!!

Life must be a real pain in the ass for you Dave.

First the Comment on the Croc Hunter then taking a beautiful moose!!

What other job can give you so much pleasure!!

Great Moose!! Let me know if you need some help carrying your pack next time!! Hell, just to go, I'll carry your gun too!




The buck I shot last fall muttered with his last breath, "What an asshole..." Your moose was much more gracious. Congrats on a good hunt and the trophies - moose and memories.

mike shickele

do you want to know what I like about that picture; there is someone right behind you to help pack it out. I could never get any of my friends in the picture for that very reason.


So who's that holding the gun?

craig j. curtis

awsome dave i know theirs one still their for me and god willing a dream hunt like yours is in all our futures !!! (did you give your recipe ?)

Lee Woiteshek

Yep, damn fine animal. I'm jealous. Looks like you had a great time.

Corie Podschelne


Congrats on the moose. Its a beautiful animal and I know you appreciate how lucky you are to have harvested such a trophy.

Archery season is finally underway here in PA and the largest deer we've ever seen on the mountain was missed by a member of my hunting party on Saturday. Now that we know he's there, we've all got a bit of buck fever coursing through our veins.

Keep up the good work, I always look forward to reading both your blog as well as your column in the magazine.



which is the dead one? i can't tell from the photo.


He sure is a nice looking bull. The moose season starts here in ontario this saturday. Im problay skipping my own highschool graduation just to get a crack at doing a little hunting. The funny thing is about a 1/4 of the graduating class is doing the same thing.

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