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August 23, 2006

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A Few Words on the World Hunting Association

It is a fact that on certain ranches in South Africa, hunters are allowed to dart white rhinos with drug-tipped arrows, and while the doped-out beast is snoring away, said nimrods pose with it just as though they had actually killed it.  Everyone has a good time, even the rhinos, which, I am told, look forward to the occasional high and have been known to trot toward bowhunters ass-first, just waiting for that fix.

But now we have the World Hunting Association, headed by one David Farbman, who lists himself as Commissioner and CEO, and is based in Detroit. Mister Farbman has set himself the goal of saving hunting, and toward that end he planned an event that was to take place on a fenced-in Michigan ranch, where a selected cadre of hunters would dart deer, and after the doped-up beasts were scored, they would be released, and the winner would get himself a cash prize. Just like Bassmasters, see?

Well, it didn’t work out. The outrage of the hunting community was overwhelming, and Commissioner Farbman has decided to make his scheme more acceptable by killing the deer. Got that?

And there is a tour planned. According to the WHA’s website, (www.worldhunt.com): “The WHA Tour will launch the first of two events in October of 2006 at the organization’s 1,000-acre ranch in Gladwin, Mich. Eight teams of two, each consisting of a hunter and a cameraman, will compete for points and prize money.”

The event will last 12 days, a wildlife biologist will be on staff (for what reason is not stated) and the weapons to be used are rifle, muzzleloader, and bow and arrow.

The publicity from this, says Commissioner Farbman, will bring hunting all sorts of notoriety, and I can only agree with that. He has also claims that the W.H.A. will bring hunting to a new level. And he is absolutely right there, too.

For news coverage of the W.H.A, visit our Field Notes news blog here.


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Mike Diehl

Well, he's gone from darting penned up deer to killing penned up deer. With all the Yahoos now selling (and buying) "hunting leases" -- denying public access to private lands so that only the most well-heeled can hunt their properties -- turning hunting into a *competitive* sport for playboys, rather than a past-time for playboys, was the obvious Next Big Thing. The WHA, hunting lessors, and lessees are all pretty much the same kind of tasteless-yet-smelly fish AFAIC.

JA Demko

I hope everybody enjoyed the concept of hunting as a sport for Everyman. Historically it was something the Aristocracy enjoyed. Common people used to get strung up for poaching so much as a rabbit. With the loss of public lands and the increasing prevalence of hunting leases, we are working towards making it something for the economic aristocrats only.

Richard Smith

Considering the prices of certain hunting gear, licenses, and transportation these days, it may as well be an aristocratic sport, since much of it it out of reach of the average guy with a wife and kids.


This whole mess is ridiculous. Hunting shouldn't be reduced to a pay per view sport. Money is taking away the average guy's ability to hunt. Rich people are tying up property, fencing it and charging outrageous sums to "hunt". Last week on "Track and Trail Adventures", Wally and the gang had their choice of 170 and above class deer. If you could write the check, you could shoot the deer. The only thing missing was the leash.


Somehow these WHA people are insistent upon putting the bowtie on the hog. There’s no Class or Taste in these folks just Vulgarity. The amount of cash carried in their pocket doesn’t modify a thing. The latest “change” in their format sorta underscores the fact. Doubt WHA will ever get it.


Great, white rinos on crack. Next thing you know the prehistoric-looking potheads will be mugging the gemsbok to get enough cash for a quick buzz.

mike shickele

Just to stir up a hornets nest:
#1-anyone on either end of a subject takes things to the extreme.
#2-hunting is being viewed as a big money sport, and not a family orientated pastime; that's what's killing it.
#3-those guys that hunt at a farm might be more successful than me, but they sure don't deserve to be proud of their success. (with the market price of beef in Canada I'm amazed that the local cattle ranchers haven't caught on to this.)
#4-hunting isn't just killing the animal; it's getting outdoors, and enjoying this world the way that God intended. The kill is the end of the hunt, and for that reason it will always make me sad.


The whole competitive, drugging deer tournament idea makes me sick. I am more in support of bass tournaments because at least it is a fair chase activity. A fenced deer has no where to hide. Ranch hunting is another thing that irks me. It'd be about as fun to kill a ranch-raised whitetail as it would be for me to put a record bass in a tank and then catch it. I'm only seventeen and i can appreciate the experience you gain, the humbleness you feel, and the excitement and pride gained from going out into God's wilderness and killing an animal with a bow-- while i rifle hunt, i prefer bowhunting as it truly gives the animal a fair chance.
doubt anyone cares as my opinions are as useless as anyones, they won't change anything, but i felt i needed to add my two cents anyway.



You write very well for one so young. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Keep it up. You'll likely have a job at one of these hunting rags.

Mike Diehl

"You'll likely have a job at one of these hunting rags."

Jeez, Mark, way to crush a fellow's hopes! ;)


Thanks guys

Greg Russell

Please visit the anti-WHA petition and sign it at this link:

We`re nearly at 1,500 signatures, but momentum has slowed. Get the word out.

Tony Deve

If your a real hunter ?? I dont think many real hunters will follow the dart game. Its just another way to make a few people rich. It isnt suprising, you live in Amercia its like everything else. Its about the money!!

Ron R

Its funny how off you people are.

they are not darting. and I, was pessimisitic at first...yet...

the fact of the matter is..they will increase numbers in hunting..

WHA is something to watch


I've always prefered quality over quantity.
We don't need to attract people to hunting for the wrong reasons.

Greg Russell

Tony-Exactly how do you believe this mess will increase numbers in hunting?

I emphatically disagree-hunting IS NOT a Gen-X, MTV, WWF event, it IS the solemn taking of a magnificent creatures life, and free ranging, not inside a play-pen.

Mr. Farbman is truly attempting to do something good for hunting, I believe anyhow, but as with so many other things in life, it isn`t simply WHAT you achieve, it`s HOW you do it.

Billy Skoona


I think you are right about Mr Farbmans doing something right. His ways are off line, but his intentions may be good. I think this show is going to kick ass.. have you seen the introduction on the web??!

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