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May 17, 2006

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The Worst Guns of All Time

I guess this was inevitable, and I’d like to thank the fellow blogger who suggested it. Here are the rules:

1. No profanity.
2. Only one nomination.
3. It has to be a gun that you had personal experience with, not something you heard about.
4. Keep your comments brief.

Go to it.


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I got my 597 when I was 14. I'm 21 now. It wouldn't feed properly very often. 3 out of 10 rounds would FTF for me. I still put who knows how many thousands of rounds through it. Last year I picked up the new metal mags, and now it works perfectly. I can actually dump the whole mag with out a FTF. I don't know what everybody is bitching about, just use the new mags. Problem solved.


I bought this rifle for my wife, an easy way to get her into shooting I figure. WRONG! That POS will not shoot more than 2 or 3 rounds without bending one in the chamber against the so-called "feedramp". She absolutely refuses to shoot it now, worst thing is; she won't let me sell it either. I've bought new mags, cleaned, oiled, different shells, etc, etc. Let's call this one what it is...A piece of sh**! Good job Remington! And you wonder why sales are down...Your no longer the only show in town.


True junk = Colt King Cobra, any caliber, any finish. Since they apparently tried to compete with the S&W L-frames, they got in too much of a hurry and ended up making a wonderful fishing weight...wait a sec - that's just about describes every single Colt pistol I've ever had the displeasure of firing!


I have a 597 in a 22 mag. I can shoot a dime and spell my name at 75 yards and shoot under 2" groups @125yrds. I have a 2x7 vari II scope and can shoot any ammo with the same outcome. I guess I am lucky. I have only had one jam, I cleaned the gun and it has not done so again. I have shot over 1000 rounds

breath with me

I have owned my 597 lr for over two years have shot thousands of rounds out of it and never had a jam in it not one, i clean it every other time i use it but for bad guns i had a ruger 10/22 and i had jams in it all the time it was the worst gun i ever owned, i sold it and the guy i sold it to had major problems with it. and junked it it was only three years old lol. it was worse than my old junky savage.

breath with me

Oh and i also have the metal mags so thats probably why i havnt had any problems.

Ryan Thompson

i have an antique winchester 12ga pump,its a model 1897 and shoots beautifully...but the only problem is that the slide comes out the back and if ones not careful....your gonna bleed...but all in all its an incredible gun



The Remington 522 Viper is the worst gun i have shot. I cannot get the gun to simply work right through 10 rounds. FTF's all the time and the trigger is slop. Sometimes i can find a sweet spot and get it to go bang.

I love the looks and feel and accuracy of this rifle too. Maybe with enough TLC i can get it to be reliable. :(


The Remington 522 Viper is the worst gun i have shot. I cannot get the gun to simply work right through 10 rounds. FTF's all the time and the trigger is slop. Sometimes i can find a sweet spot and get it to go bang.

I love the looks and feel and accuracy of this rifle too. Maybe with enough TLC i can get it to be reliable. :(


The worst Rifle I have ever owned is a Thompson Center Encore. I also have a Contender pistol, and love it. The Contender has a great trigger. The Encore has the worst trigger I have ever seen! About 20 rounds into zeroing the scope on my .50 cal muzzle loader barrel the hammer spur cracked. After 3 seasons of trying different I finally found the right bullet and good accuracy. I also have a .223 barrel for it as well. I had trouble getting it to shoot as well as the .50 cal. My experience with several other encore rifles has yielded that they are finicky. Bench rest shooting, and how you hold them, or rest them greatly changes point of impact. The action's seem to twist or flex with a bench rest bi-pod attached to them. Several others, mine as well seem to have problems with the firing pin hanging up after they have been fired, and open hard due to this condition. No doubt probably caused by contamination from the muzzle loader in the firing pin area.

In my opinion they are way over priced. It's amazing what media hype can do for a product. If you want a muzzle loader by something else for half the price. If you want a break rifle, try a NEA or H&R Handi rifle. They may not be an extremly accurate rifle either, but they don't cost much more than an Encore barrel, and you don't have to switch them either. If you want accuracy plain and simple buy a bolt rifle!


Franchi 48al 20ga., Franchi SPAS, any Remington .22 automatic & SIG P230. All very malfunction prone. This small list is pretty good considering the many many firearms I own now & have owned over the years. The list of superlative firearms I own is lenghty. Very few products in the manufacturing industry can claim such success...we can all think of several problematic cars, refigerators, microwaves, TV's, can openers,etc..I even had scissors break after just a few uses.

Trae B.

I have had the exact same as Patrick F. Mcmanus has had a double barreled 12 gauge that when fired both barrels would go off at once.We dont have it anymore and I dont remember the make or modle of it.But It about took my shoulder off a few times and we decided it was dangerous so we got rid of it.


Better watch what you buy now days. I went to the infamous sports and outdoors store to look for a rifle. The man told me for a good rifle $550 Everything under that is probably Chinese made.


597 is definitely junk. I have the 2nd and third generation mags and still sucks pondwater!!!!!

Jeff Mower

The worst gun I owened was a cz100 this pistol that I payed alot for jammed alot. Went to the range two or three shots it jammed again I rechambered pulled trigger nothing happend? The slide was locked solid (less than 100 rounds totaly fired). Pulled out a xd-40 I picked up at the gun show earlier in the day looks like it has had at least a thousand rouns through it I fired 400 round flawlessly. Any way I took the cz100 home dissassembled pin to remove slide well you guessed it the gun went off putting a large hole in my porch my dog is still pi#@ed off at me. after getting it apart a small peice a polymer broke off near the firing pin jamming the pistol. Sent it back to cz-kansas for repair they said it was rare? Still haven't heard anything from them? I will put my life on the xd-40 until I get a hold of a xd-40m don't think I'll lay my life on the line for cz???


My worst two: Stoeger arms 20 gauge o\u. Shoots really good for 200 rounds then refuses to function;can barely open the action. Also, the lightweight 12 gauge slug gun by HR. Shakes your teeth loose.


I had an American Derringer cop special in .357. I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn at 10 feet and one of the 4 barrels frequently misfired because the firing pin would stick. I also had a charter arms ar-7 that I got a 25 round mag for. It jammed occasionally but one of the few times I was able to empty a mag without problems it melted the barrel so it sagged. Charter Arms replaced the barrel, but I swapped it for a .32 antique revolver that was actually dangerous( the cylinder didn't always line up with the barrel). I also had a replica percussion Kentucky pistol in .45 that had a weak mainspring and often wouldn't fire a percussion cap. Learning experiences all...


My worst a Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 Casull. Looked great, recoil just fine. But-
- The trigger was so stiff that not only could I not hit the broadside of the barn I was standing in, I got a case of tendonitis from it!
- And this was with so few rounds. Being a bit worried about the potential for an AD following hammer groove in forehead (did not happen) I loaded only one Casull. Yeh. And nearly broke the ejector rod trying to get empty out of chamber!
- And the takedown latch was finished so crudely that one would have needed a hydraulic ram to push the release.

Yecch. Sold it cheap. Did not even want to think of repair.

dave missoff

I bought a Lorcin 25 cal just for a nice little carry gun. Wow. NOT GOOD. It will jamb, maybe fire a round and not eject it while another comes into the chamber. It wasn't new when I bought it but it was immaculate. I wanted to buy some new springs, ejector etc. and maybe get it dependable. Is this a decent option to renew it or just keep it for a trade gun and get rid of it. Thanks.


NEF handi rifle heavy barrel SB2 in .223. as it came out of the box shot about a 5-51/2 inch group @ 25 yds. NEF wrote a whole new book on bad triggers, and rifle would not eject factory Winchester ammo. Happily a great gun smith in Lamar MO, took care of the trigger problem, for a very fair fee, and some tricks I found on the net brought the rifles groups down to where they can probably be blamed on the shooter.


Remington 522 Viper. It's a miracle if I can get 3 shots off in a row. It's a real bummer, because other than the jamming issues I like the gun. If nothing else I guess I save money on ammo, because I'm usually so frustrated after clip 2 that I quit shooting.

bud b

For all the people having Remington 597 issues. Check out some of the POSITIVE remarks on 597s(Highroad). Loosening the guide rods helped my once jam-o-matic tremendously. I went through the same change to metal mags, file and clean, change ammo thing as well. After adjusting the guide rods (123 easy) only lead, waxed ammo gives issues even with Eagle Mt. 30 round mags! By the way Remington now makes its own 30 rounder. It seem that great number of 597s left the factory with the guide rods too tight for most ammo choices. Hope I helped. In keeping with the spirit of this blog; the worst guns I had have been a Keltec PTA3 and P11. The PTA3 was a one shot wonder and the P11 couldn't get through 6 rounds on a 10 round clip. I read all the info in TECWORKS;did all the "fluff and buff" suggestions and finally sent them back to the factory. The PTA3 had to go back twice. The last time they rebuilt most of both guns (free) with a slide, barrel, frame, guide rod and spring. I even told them to be sure to test fire each and report to me what ammo they found to fuction as it should. Next time at the range the worked better but still need some break in. I'm not gonna trust my life to them just yet. Both SUB 2000s (.40 and 9mm) I've owned have been flawwless.

Dr. Ralph

bud b thanks for the help on the 597. Bought my son one years back and he is 20 and the rifle has never emptied a full magazine... Pice of shit from the word go hope you have figured out what Remington's finest could not...


My worst rifle: Alpine M-1 carbine. Obviously a cheap reproduction. Always jammed. Never fed properly. Traded it for a Charter Arms AR-7. Best trade i ever made. My AR-7 never fails to feed and cycle properly, unless I use the 15 round after market mag. I also have a 30 year old Ruger Mini-14 series 180 that still shoots tight groups. Sorry some of you have had bad experiences with these weapons.


Believe it or not, the worst gun I've ever owned would be a Cooper M57 (is that the correct designation? or is it M52?) .22 rifle. I just had to have it, so beautiful, traded in an almost new Remington 504 with Leupold scope that worked just fine to get it. Talk about being seduced by a beautiful but villianous woman! The trigger was somewhat creepy and rough, thought I could simply adjust it, never could. It would never feed reliably, even with other magazines. Sometimes it would pick up the next round, sometimes not, sometimes it would pick it up but stovepipe it in the chamber when closing the bolt. Oh, and last of all, it misfired regularly; this was with numerous types of very expensive target grade ammo. I e-mailed Cooper and let them know what was going on, and was informed that surely no Cooper would ever do these things, and I must be an idiot, in short. Handsome is as handsome does, I guess, so I traded it in for a plane-jane Kimber Hunter that worked and shot great. I think all this goes to show that "the worst ever" is largely just luck of the draw, as there are too many people out there who have nothing but praise for the Coopers to think that they are all such pieces of junk. I will amend the previous statement to exclude the Remington autoloaders mentioned in the blog; clearly, it's not luck if you get a bad one there!

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