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March 29, 2006

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In Praise of Brownell’s

In a world filled with disappointment and betrayal, one institution I’ve never lost faith in is located in Montezuma, Iowa. (Why is a town in Iowa named after an Aztec king?) It’s called Brownell’s, and is THE SOURCE to gunsmiths and gun nuts of all types.

Since 1957, Brownell’s has issued a catalog that is doom and ruin, because it contains (in its most recent, 488-page incarnation) over 30,000 items, of which any committed shooter will just have to have 14,322. Not only that, but they are extremely nice people to deal with, and when you call them for tech help you get tech help. And they have never screwed up an order. Cabela’s once screwed up an order, but considering that I’ve spent the equivalent of the Bolivian national debt with them they were bound to. But Brownell’s? Never.

Once, when placing an order, I allowed to the nice lady that I brushed my teeth with J-B Bore Cleaning Compound, which tasted terrible but gave me a lovely smile. She said “OH MY GOD,” but didn’t hang up.

Give your credit card to a responsible adult and log on to www.brownells.com.


Kurt Wampole

I've been doing business with Brownells for almost 20 years now. Only one mistake - they shipped the wrong magazine tube - and they made it right. They even paid for the shipping to send the wrong product back. I met one of their techs at a Lassen College school - he knew his stuff and was a really interesting fellow. I can't say enough good about Brownells. J-B bore paste as toothpaste? Hmmm....

Thanks for the J-B Bore Paste tip.

Brownell's is the cream of the crop. They're the people to call first, every time, hands down.

ranger Nick

We shooters love Brownells. May they go on forever!!!!!!!

Eagle I

After brushing with J-B bore paste should I gargle with Hoppe's # 9? Anyway, more than a few small towns in the midwest were founded by veterans and other patriotic types that were involved in the Mexican-American War.


Their latigo sling is the best rifle sling I've ever seen. I think they are now stocking a peppermint version of J-B, which should freshen your breath nicely. They are nice people, too.

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