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March 30, 2006

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Hunting T-Rex?

Since the late 1940s, I’ve paid periodic visits to the T-Rex skeleton in the American Museum of Trex Natural History. T-Rex and his kin departed the earth abruptly 65 million years ago, and nothing as fearsome has been seen on the planet until October 26, 1947, when Hillary Rodham came snarling into the world.

We know comparatively little about them, but the best guess is that a big T-Rex was 40 to 50 feet long and weighed about 6 tons, the same as a good-sized African bull elephant. About their innards, and how they functioned, we know very little.

Anyway, as I stood there contemplating the last earthly remains of this critter, I wondered: If you had the chance to hunt one, where would you shoot it, and with what?

I invite your opinions.

By the way, a few years ago there was a television show on the chances of re-creating a T-Rex for real, a la Jurassic Park. No one said it couldn’t be done, just that it would take time, cost a fortune, and what the hell would you do with the beast once you created it? So this may not be idle speculation after all.


Philip Brown

Although there is some uncertainty regarding T. rex anatomy they must have had lungs and a fairly large heart (to sustain that body mass at any reasonable activity level). Therefore shots through the upper torso area would be fatal. The question is how quickly? Given that uncertainty the more holes the better. To take this discussion to the full extent of fantasizing I would us one of the "bull-pup" Barret self-loaders in .50 BMG but with expanding bullets (lots of big holes delivered quickly), the last two rounds would be solids one for each knee as last-ditch charge stoppers.

To keep this discussion simmering it is more likely that cloning/gene technology will produce a mammoth before T. rex. Thoughts on hunting them?

Kenneth C.

A few .22LR out of my 552 Speedmaster right into the left eye.

Dave F.

I would definately use the BFG from the Doom movie.

Ralph Bernieri

I think about what hunting some of the prehistoric animals would be like, and T-Rex would be #1 on the predator list to take!
I believe a minimum 375 H&H would apply here, and I would feel comfortable using my .45/70 loaded with Buffalo Bore 430 Grain solid lead bullets which should do the trick...what about prehistoric brown bears? Now they would make a heck of a rug!


George Bush a great President?? Please...the man is a moron. Bill Clinton was a vastly better President on his worst day than Bush will ever hope to be.

Those of us who enjoy the outdoors should be very concerned about the manner in which Bush has dismantled environmental protections, which has led to a serious degradation in wild and scenic areas for all outdoors minded people to use. When you combine that with his total disregard for the science concerning global warming...well, you get the picture. Dumya is a bumbling fool.

Anyway, back to the T.Rex...looks like lots of great ideas to take one down. I think that Field and Stream Readers have had a great time with this one.

James C. Goodman Jr.

I would probably have to use either a 50/90 Sharps, or a
470 Nitro Express.
Jim Goodman Jr.


And you people call yourselves hunters! Y'all are forgetting the most important implement in T. rex hunting: the PETA activist bait. Fortunately (or unfortunately) they have their global HQ in my state so acquiring a good supply of tree-huggers for a T. rex safari should not be a problem.

Timothy Totten

How to take down the greatest known land predator of all time? Hmmm, let's see. In JP2, Mr. Big Game Hunter packed a .600 Nitro Express, so we should consider that a good start. I studied vertebrate palaeontology a lot from then-recent college textbooks when the first JP movie came out, so I'm above average on tyrannosaur A&P. That skull was pretty solidly built, but with a small critical-hit area. High blood pressure means faster blood outflow, but so much more blood means S-L-O-W bleedout, enough to inflict major hurt on anything as small as an average SUV. Thick ribs make a heartshot dicey, the spinal cord is well protected by massive vertebrae plus heavy ligaments and tendons...

If Tyrannosaurus rex is my prey, I'm gonna say a B-52 "Arc Light" airstrike is my weapon of choice. Maybe a 106mm recoilless...

Or at least a Barrett or Ma Deuce... FROM THE DOOR OF A BLACKHAWK.

No matter what, I'm not going dirtside with that thing without AT MINIMUM an Abrams, and preferably the USS Missouri...


I'd get a running start, then bound off a trampoline and smack the t-rex in the face with my huge balls.


T-Rex is a bird relative. Shoot em with something large, .338 or bigger..but Hmmm, how do we cook 'em?

T-rex on a stick? Tasty Rex wings with extra hot b.b.q. sauce? mmmm tasty. B.B.Q. Rex, my favorite!

Sorry PETA, damn animals are using all the oxygen on the planet. Save the plants, EAT ANIMALS ONLY!


120mm Rheinmetall smooth bore gun used for the m1 and leopard2 battle tanks with the multi purpose explosive load. that should do the trick, yeah.


killing the thing is one thing- how about scoring the monster? count teeth? measure spurs? obviously- there would be b&C listings, but how about the crazy @&*$s that would attempt a P&Y?


The mother-all-spears. I'm a traditionalist....


(should say "mother-of-all-spears")

Jack Bohm

Not Sure. Maybe a WWII era Boys .55cal Anti-Tank Rifle with Tungsten cored ammo- I wonder what the going rate on them is? If not enough, say a Hughes 30mm Chaingun?

If too much maybe a Browning A-Bolt with BOSS in .375H&H or Ruger 77 Magnum is .458Lott.

Big Ed

OK, this one has been done already. September, 1959, in the collection, "The World That Couldn't Be", "A Gun for Dinosaur" by L. Sprague de Camp. In the story, the hero (Reggie Rivers: time travel safari guide) uses a .600 (NE) double rifle for Cretaceous game. Also in the story, the American Museum of Natural History uses a .50 caliber (machine gun) to bag a sauropod.

All that said, if I was on a time travel safari to the late Cretaceous, I'd be packing a .470 Merkel double with a Wild West Guns Bushwacker in .457 WWG clipped on my backpack (with some .410 shot shells for those annoying Pteranodons) . Where's the sign-up sheet?

H.G. Hunter

500 S&W Magnum with 440 grain penetrators.(hey, it dropped an elephant with one shot.)


I would rent a B-24 with full aresenal and blow that sucker up. but since there's not many of those still around i would use a 50. bmg machine gun ffrom a big tree


well i think i would i would take some of those brainless PETA people for bait and my gun would be a 357 mag and maybe one of those 30-06 machine guns as a sidearm. i would wait for the T rex go for the PETA dork and drill him in the back of his head. than, using the 357 i would take out all of my fustrations
on its head.


I'd sprinkle salt on it's tail and then when it was incapacitated read it the editorial section from any newspaper and it would subsequently die from laughter


I'd sprinkle salt on it's tail and then when it was incapacitated read it the editorial section from any newspaper and it would subsequently die from laughter


I'm all for guns and bringing history to the present, but I get the idea that some of you guys have been waiting a lifetime to answer this question. Keep dreaming and I mean that in a good way. As for hunting mammoths... Been there, done that. My weapon of choice? Hip Waders.


golly I'm a late contributor on this one. . . I think the best way to kill a t-rex would be to explain to it that vests, caps, and safety glasses aren't available in its size, then send it hunting with Cheney.

On a serious (!?) note, go with a Bushmaster from a Bradley. PLENTY of penetration and enough accuracy that you could kill it with only half your available ammo.


anybody thought about the A-10 warthog. couple of passes with the that 30 mm cannon ought to do the job.

A butter knife taped to a stick

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