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March 30, 2006

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Hunting T-Rex?

Since the late 1940s, I’ve paid periodic visits to the T-Rex skeleton in the American Museum of Trex Natural History. T-Rex and his kin departed the earth abruptly 65 million years ago, and nothing as fearsome has been seen on the planet until October 26, 1947, when Hillary Rodham came snarling into the world.

We know comparatively little about them, but the best guess is that a big T-Rex was 40 to 50 feet long and weighed about 6 tons, the same as a good-sized African bull elephant. About their innards, and how they functioned, we know very little.

Anyway, as I stood there contemplating the last earthly remains of this critter, I wondered: If you had the chance to hunt one, where would you shoot it, and with what?

I invite your opinions.

By the way, a few years ago there was a television show on the chances of re-creating a T-Rex for real, a la Jurassic Park. No one said it couldn’t be done, just that it would take time, cost a fortune, and what the hell would you do with the beast once you created it? So this may not be idle speculation after all.


Rick Weaver

Does anybody remember why Vietnam era, Marine Corps truck mounted .50 calibre machine guns sometimes shut down? I remember something about a small spring that would break now and then. I heard that most gunners carried spare ones in their utility pockets and that these springs were notoriously out of stock thru supply, but not on the black market. I know that the M85 had more problems than other models of the .50, but not sure if the broken spring problem was one of these or not. My unit got pinned down by one of our captured .50s and we turned the tables on Charlie when the captured gun broke down. Would like to know, in all probability, what happened. I remember one of our gunners saying Charlie must not have known about the breaking spring problem. Thanks beaucoup.

Trae B.

this is an old post but i like it so im bringing it back.

to kill a t-rex the best weapon would be to feed a dog a poison dart frog them get the t-rex to eat the dog.best use someone elses dog.and if that dont work.get a thousand black mambas to bite it.that'll do the trick

Blue Ox

A hip shot sounds ideal to bring this creature down, but keep in mind the fact that he isn't gonna be holding still while you try and finish him off. Given the chance, (yeah, right!) baiting is a good idea. From an elevated position (out of bite range) I would probably use a 460 Weatherby and try to smash the vertabrae just below the skull, severing the spinal cord. This will not only anchor the beast, but will shut down all vital functions as well, insuring a quick kill.
But the real question is: How much to have a T-Rex mounted?!


This probably sounds like animal abuse, but I'd tie Hillary to a stake, douse her with A-1 and let the poor unsupecting bastard eat her. Of course that would spoil the T-REX's meat but who cares!!Getting rid of two nasties without firing a shot-priceless!

Old Bull

.458 Lott at 100 yards. .458 Lott at 80 yards. Uh Oh, 458 Lott at 50 yards.......
Oh SH%*!! .458 Lott at 10 yar....

Trae B.

if i kilt a t-rex i would have to buy another house th the head mount would fit the wall.


Bush is a Yale and Harvard grad, jet pilot, twice Governor of Texas, and twice President of the U.S. You are discussing how to kill an animal that has been extent for 65 million years and he is the moron?


I heard that they discovered a t rex that was way bigger that sue I guess some guys broke up the skull but the scientist estimated it to be over sixty feet and over ten tonnes if this is true I would just go with a tank


I heard that they discovered a t rex that was way bigger that sue I guess some guys broke up the skull but the scientist estimated it to be over sixty feet and over ten tonnes if this is true I would just go with a tank

gun writer know it all

Shoot him in the ass.

As long as you have adequate sectional density, you should be alright.

If it doesn't work, run like a MF'er.

My $02.


Del in KS

I think Rush was right when he said libs don't like Bush because he's inarticulate. He is obviously not stupid. Look at how they like Obama. He says nothing, but with great flair and articulate style and they love him. Pray to god he doesn't get elected. Hitlery either.


Put Hillary in a crockadile suit and send her in with the beast.
Give her a sling shot and hang a sign around her neck that says "Liberal For Gun Control".
When she cries for help, spray her with T-rex Estrous. Get the ole T-rex all worked up.
Whe she cries again, spray her with T-rex tarpal gland Slime. Now we've got him mad enough to swallow her in one bite.
No doubt he'd choke to death on one of her thighs...
And we'd get rid of both.

Dinosaur hunter DX

Of course, I recommend Weatherby DGR(Dangerous Game Rifle)

Cal.460 Weatherby Mag.

Targets are Central nerve(throat or neck backbone etc...)

If you use this rifle, I can shot kill!

I think brain shot in not effective to these dinosaurs

Trae B.

Feed em lots of peanut butter then his teeth will stick together and then lure him into a cage with a big ol dead critter and once you have him trapped tell snipers around the world that Hillary Clinton is dressed up as a dinosaur then wait and see what happens.
Whoever restarted this post thanks.


The book rexGun by Dr. Stephen W. Templar explores this issue in great detail. It has a formula (called Terminal Medicine or T.Rx) to compare bullets for T. rex and everything else.

Finally, a formula that is truly better than TKO.

Dan Boxman

I think I would use a Mark19 grenade machine gun mounted on an old Huey.

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