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February 06, 2006

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Mike Bloomberg vs. the NRA

Now it’s getting interesting. According to the February 1 edition of the New York Post, the National Rifle Association, operating behind the scenes, has succeeded in quashing Diana Taylor’s nomination as head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Ms. Taylor is New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s girlfriend, and it was done, sayeth the Post, as retaliation for Bloomberg’s recent attacks on the NRA.

Bloomberg, in his second-term inaugural speech, took on not only the NRA, but lawmakers who roll over for the gun lobby (meaning Congress), saying: “It shows the power of one advocacy organization and, I would argue, the cowardice of people who succumb to their pressure.”

But now comes the really interesting part. Bloomberg spent $77 million just to get re-elected, and his total worth is estimated at between $5 and $9 billion. If he should become angry enough, he could buy the votes in Congress and have Article II of the Bill of Rights repealed, or he could buy the NRA.

Buying Congressional votes is no trick at all. Everyone does it. Bloomberg could probably do it with what he carries in his wallet. As for the NRA, how much is it worth? It surely can’t be worth as much as Mike Bloomberg.  He could purchase it and turn it into an organization that adopts highways, or saves whales. If the NRA is smart, it will not cheese off Mayor Bloomberg in the future. With money all  things are possible, and Mike Bloomberg has money.


Mike Diehl

Bloomberg buy the NRA? I've heard worse ideas -- like wasting NRA member money on the politics of the FDIC -- an organization that has no regulatory or administrative oversight of anything to do with firearms.


I think there is a problem here that needs to be addressed. We need to enforce and strengthen the laws regarding interstrate trafficking of firearms.

Sid Lark

How do we know for certain that the N.R.A. had anything to do with this outcome? How do we know how much, if any, of N.R.A. dollars were directly invested in bringing down Bloombergs "girlfriend" ? It seems that we need to with-hold judgement until all that facts are known. I certainly would advise against reacting to anything the media prints without documentation. Further, I have not seen any response from the the N.R.A. to this yet either.

I'm certain that since Bloomberg has chosen to go on the attack concerning guns, he will now view any political fallout as having come from the N.R.A. Perhaps that has something to do his expectation that the N.R.A. will respond and take a stand against his political agenda. (?)

As for his billions..... he obviously has already chosen to throw his dollars at gun control, and I doubt that the N.R.A. NOT reacting would ever insulate them anyway. If he is aiming at gun control, he is aiming at the N.R.A. also. Like it or not, it really is just that simple. I'm confident that he expected N.R.A. involvement when he decided to take the position that he has.

I for one would personnaly discourage anywone from intentionally instigating a conflict. If however, a confrontation is forced upon them, options are limited.

The point is, even if the N.R.A. had no hand in the Bloomberg girlfriend demise, the two are bound to clash regardless. Don't be navie enough to think that the Mayor did not alreay have the N.R.A. "in his sights" to begin with.

This may be nothing more than an attempt by the Mayor's office to spin this in such a way, so as to attempt to solicit a bit of public sympathy.

The N.R.A. has been successfully fighting for our collective rights for a long time. I would never sell them short, or make the mistake of underestimating them !

E. David Quammen

..."With money all things are possible, and Mike Bloomberg has money."...

Would heartily disagree with that statement, David. In fact the Bible puts quite a different spin on it. It infers that the love of money is the root of ALL evil.

Judging by the way that the rich and powerful have had such an effect at eroding our Second Amendment Rights. We should be fighting them tooth and nail!

Mayor Bloomberg is an enemy to anyone concerned with our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. And he has proven it.

Our Founders indicated to us that not only is it our Right to be at ALL times Armed - BUT OUR DUTY. You can see this in The Federalist Papers. Look how much crime has risen since the 'gun control' laws have been put into effect. And this because they don't seem to comprehend what the word 'Infringed' means.

The Framers of the Constitution attached the Second Amendment for very good reason(s). In order that the people would be able to preserve their Freedom and Liberty from ANY that would attempt to abuse them! As George Washington stated; "A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from ANY who might ATTEMPT to ABUSE THEM, which would include their OWN GOVERNMENT.”

We have a group of people, (terrorists), who have SWORN death to ALL of us. And Bloomberg and simular ilk have done their best at removing our God given and Constitutionally protected Right. They are removing the tools for self-defense from the hands of the citizens. This can be construed as nothing other than treasonous and evil.

I, for one, will NOT cow down to anyone. Especially some rich guy that thinks he can buy or control anything, just because he has money. That is in direct contradiction to the Founding principles of our country.

We have the Rule of Law, (Constitution with the Bill of Rights), and it has eroded enough already. And it was paid for in BLOOD - which is FAR MORE precious than 'mammon'!

Greg Russell

You seem to seriously underestimate what NRA is capable of Mr. Petzal-granted, the officers of NRA certainly may act independently of it`s body, (we, the membership), and perhaps they did, in fact, act in regards to Ms. Taylor, but just as the old NRA ad campaign stated, “I” am the NRA, and the dastardly Mayor Bloomberg had better take notice.

One question I have for you is, how could you state, even tongue-in-cheek, that NRA could be purchased? Is your disdain for NRA THAT deep? And I take issue with yet another statement you make-No sir, Bloomberg COULD NOT have the Second Amendment repealed. I understand that it must be difficult to find writing material on an on-going basis, but your latest “rantings” are seriously lacking in credibility.

NRA membership is a dedicated and even more sophisticated group than most, including you sir, give us credit for, and as the bumbling Mayor Bloomberg noted, we ARE a powerful force in Washington DC, and as our rolls continue to grow, so too will our voice in policy making.

Beware Mayor Bloomberg, and any others who may make the mistake of thinking us complacent or lacking in resolve: We are making strides every day in pro-gun legislation, and you`ll see more in the days and months to come. We`ve been more active in the past 24 months that I`ve seen in some time, and we have momentum behind us. We`ve been involved in Castle Doctrine legislation being passed in many states, Concealed Carry in many states, and my state of Indiana even became the first state in the Union to issue Lifetime Concealed Carry Permits.

History will note that Bloomberg was nothing more than one more liberal blip on radar that NRA eclipsed on it`s way to bringing more common sense legislation that directly benefits law-abiding citizens in this country.


As someone who lives in NYC I have to suffer with Mike Bloomberg's nonsensical paternalism. NYC's gun regulations are already insane. You can't even buy a rifle - any rifle, even a .22 - that has a magazine capacity of more than 5 rounds. Guess what? That means the Marlin 39A and a number of other .22's I've had my eye on are ILLEGAL in NYC and I can't own one. Oh, and that's after I went and went out and had to pay $235 for a NYC Rifle & Shotgun permit. Bloomberg's an ill-informed fool when it comes to guns plain and simple. Plus his political career is over in two years. He's term limited as mayor and there's no other position he'd be able to successfully run for.

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