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May 08, 2007


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Angela Pedersen, R.N.

Seriously, everyone MUST educate themselves on how the child support system works. It is filled with corruption.
States AND Family court systems PROFIT from the creation of a "non-custodial" parent. They do this through federal Title IV-D incentives! This is why fathers (usually)are made less than an EQUAL parent.
Guess who pays for these incentives to strip a child of their right to EQUAL time with BOTH fit parents? Yep, all of us tax payers. Everyone here should be outraged!
Also, the higher the child support order the more the states and family court systems make in profits! This is why so few fathers (usually) get outrageous support orders that are difficult for any man to pay and even if they lose their jobs rarely do they get a reduction!!
It gets even worse. The so called "fair and neutral" child custody evaluations are actually performed by those who are employed by the court systems which profit under Title IV-D! Wonder why they rarely recommend Joint Physical Custody (difference btw. joint legal custody and joint physical custody) Doesn't it seem like a conflict of interest that these people perform the custody evaluations?
Many fathers are oblivious to the fact when they are married that this could happen to them in a nano-second once their spouse files for a divorce.
Dads need to WAKE UP! Terms like "dead beat dads" should outage you!
Learn more about Title IV-D here:
Please educate others. Government intrusion on our lives is at a max. Everyone here should prevent bills such as this!

Mark Vane

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