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August 04, 2006

Vehicle Emergency Kit, Part 3: Jack it Up

Hilift It’s always nice to have an electric winch, but an excellent $70-alternative is a Hi-Lift Jack. It will slowly extract your truck from just about any tough spot you will ever encounter.

Attach the winch to a tree or boulder at one end, and your truck at the other. You will need to use at least two straps. The only problem most people face is where to store the jack. You could lay it behind your emergency kit, but the best thing to do is strap it to a roof rack, where it will be out of the way until you need it. To buy a Hi-Lift Jack, hit this link: http://www.rockymountainsusp.com/Hi-Lift%20Jack.htm 

You won’t be sorry.



Word of caution. The make these with both cast iron and steel components. My opinion, stay away from the cast iron ones.


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