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August 08, 2006

The Rain Jacket Test: Patagonia Still Dry After A Three-Day Storm

Peter_wet_rat It’s one thing for a rain jacket to keep you dry for a few hours, but finding one that will shield you from three days of steady rain is another thing entirely.

While in New Mexico last week, I fished through a monsoon from hell. After three days of never getting to dry my gear out, I am thrilled to report that my ultra-light Patagonia Deep Wading Jacket kept me bone dry the whole time. The jacket has two big pockets, an inside zippered compartment, and a roomy hood. It's light enough that  I forget when it’s in the back of my vest. Note the wet rat photo, shot by my wife from the inside of our truck on the banks of the Cimarron River.  She would not leave the confines of a dry vehicle to take the photo.

The jacket really came through in a tough spot; it’s absolutely worth the $195.00.  Hit this link to get one. http://anglersall.imoutdoorshosting.com/store/product680.html



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Last year I purchased a set Frogg Toggs (pants and jackets) the material is awesome and does a fantastic job of shedding water. I was in New Mexico fishing in early July and I stayed dry almost the entire time.

Enough of the good here comes the dissapointment of the trip. During the first monsoon morning my father-in-law and I were both wearing our frogg toggs for the first time. We were both fishing having a good time, when it happened. My father in law bent over to grab a trout and all you heard was RIIIIPPPP. I was laughing so hard at him because he just ruined his frogg togg bibs he was wearing. Needless to say he was upset. Not much later I was cleaning fish in the river and as soon as I bent over RIIIIIPPPP. Now guess who isn't laughing. I was pretty ticked off. The rest of the trip my upper body stayed bone dry by my lower body was soaked. Once I got home I called Frogg Toggs to see what they could do but since I purchased them last year they said there was nothing they could do. I guess I'll have to upgrade to the Patagonia suit next time.


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Teak Phillips

Peter, for several years I've had a similar jacket made by Simms. It's great, not only for fishing but for around town, too. It's easy to have too many jackets, and one nice light-weight membrane jacket is a good answer.

Dave R.

Great review. I'll be sure to post a link from one of my favorite outddor gear review sites:

Account Deleted

Sounds like a great jacket. Thanks for the reveiw.

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How breathable is that raingear? I have some frog toggs that are fairly breathable but I want something better. Also how durable does the material seem?

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