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August 07, 2006

Cover Up: Where to Look for Duck Grass

Grass Now that it’s August, I can start talking about duck hunting. After all, teal season opens for many of us in just 30 days.

One of the keys to taking birds in heavily pressured areas is excellent concealment. If you're running a traditional jon boat or a v-bottom with a pop-up blind, make sure that you gather grasses from the marsh or prairie to supplement your concealment. 

Pop-up blinds have high profiles, and can only be camouflaged with large amounts of grass arranged to make them look like mounds. The grass found along any state highway right-of-ways will work perfectly.  Just make sure you bring some snips and bailing wire.

If the grass is very short and local regulations don’t require that you hunt from a boat, you might be better off just sitting on a bucket in the grass and hiding the boat.



Thank you Peter, I am also starting to gear up for the upcoming duck season. I have decided to build a basic blind out of pvc pipe. I posted my basic idea at huntingnet.com for some comments.


I am basically going to build the framework and cover it up with native grasses and weeds. I don't see the need to spend $50 on fast grass when there is grass everywhere!


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Wow, that looks sweet Ryan. I haven't busted out some pvc pipe for a project since I was a teen, but I may have to pick some up to try and mimic you.


synthetic grass

Grasses from the marsh or prairie for me are the best grasses to conceal something. Thanks for giving these tips.

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