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July 21, 2006

Treestand Safety: How to Get Your Stand Ready for Fall

StandI live in the Midwest. When mid-July hangs heavy with heat and humidity, I move into the shade of my glorious garage (or, as my wife refers to it, the “Man Cave”), get a cold beverage, and check all my treestands. If it doesn’t happen in July, it never gets done. August is reserved for prepping waterfowl gear and building duck blinds.

I pull every stand off the wall and check every nut and bolt. I have yet to find one that is dangerously loose, but I do often come across nuts and bolts that need to be lightly tightened. Along with a thorough spraying of penetrating oil, I look over all the straps for rot, and test the buckles to make sure they’ll tighten. Then, if necessary, I give each stand a quick touch-up with black and gray paint. Come October, when I hang the stands in the woods, I can be confident that they are safe and won’t squeak.

On Monday I’ll tell you about a new product that will keep a treestand dead quiet when you make a mistake. In the meantime, here are some more tips to hold you over.


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