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July 31, 2006

Tips on Trailer Maintenance, Part 1

Mon_wheel We’ve all been there. You may not hear the incendiary whining of the bearing starting to fail (depending on how loud the music is playing in your truck), but you will feel the shudder as the wheel on your trailer locks up and smokes away a significant amount of your tire’s rubber on the highway.

The experience is highly unpleasant.  You will lose precious time and incur significant expense, even if you’re only pulling a 16-foot jon boat. Once your bearing seizes on the highway, you will need a tow truck and a mechanic to get home or back on the water. Over the next few days, I’ll give you some tips that will keep you moving to the lake or the duck blind this fall.

Tip #1: Lube Your Fittings
If you don’t have a factory zerk (grease) fitting, or “Bearing Buddy” on your trailer, you need to get a set—today. Grease your fittings every 300 miles. Make sure to only fill the hub until a tiny amount of grease comes out. Too much grease pumped into the hub will push the inside bearing seal out, sending all your lubrication spattering, and sentencing your bearings to a very short lifespan.


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