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July 14, 2006

Shine A Better Light: How to upgrade your Mini Maglites

Combo_light I don’t know how many Mini Maglites you have around your house, but the last time I really looked, I came up with five. I’m sure there are others rolling around my truck and in my waterfowl bags. 

I like my Mini Mags, but lately they have fallen down a few rungs in the ladder as new L.E.D lights have made their way into my gear closet. My older Mini Mags have been relegated to drawers for emergency power outages.

But now there’s hope for your old Minis, in the form of the Nite Ize Upgrade kit. The kit comes with a 3-bulb replacement that not only extends battery life up to 4 times, but gives a dramatically brighter and whiter light than the old single bulb. 

The kit also comes with a simple on-off push button rear cap. Cost is merely $9.

Get one at http://www.pocketlights.com/nite_ize_combo_upgrade_kit.asp  and start shining those Mini Mags again.



I am happy that you like these lights, but frankly I feel that they are very bad lights. For the past few years my friends and I have been using Surefire flashlights. These litle gems use lithium batteries and are hands-down the best flashlights I have ever used; and I have tried many, many.The difference between these lights and the old incandescent lights is the contrast between a horse and buggy and a modern auto; a spear vs. a AK47. Definitely a light for the 21st century! They are kind of pricey, but worth every penny. Ditch those mag lights! Tom

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