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July 19, 2006

Road Flares: The Fastest Way to Roaring Campfire

Flare Whether you’re floating a wilderness river in Alaska or on a family camping trip in the lower 48, if you to need to get a fire going fast, there’s only one sure way to burn the wettest wood in the forest. You don’t even need a match, or gasoline. 

What you do need are road hazard flares, which generate an intense amount of concentrated heat. You can take an arm full of 3-inch water-soaked logs, lay them in a pile, crack one or two flares, and you’ll have a roaring blaze in less than 10 minutes--even if it’s raining hard.

This is a handy trick to know, and well worth a visit to the auto parts store before your next camping trip. If you’re traveling by air, buy the flares at your final destination. They would not be received with the same warmth by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

You can order a box of 20 15-minute flares for about $48 from this link: http://www.redesupply.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=108



Good advice - flares are a great idea.

I always keep some duraflame logs in my truck and if I'm camping near my vehicle, will use the duraflames to get my fire going when it's wet.

They're not packable, but work very well in wet car camping situations.


If you live near the Coast Visit a Life Raft Inspection place and they will give you expired flares to you for free. (they have to pay to dispose them) They are brighter and hotter. I learned this in the Coast Guard :)


That's what I like about you Tom. You know how to get everything for free :)

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