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July 07, 2006

Leather Boots vs. Nylon and Cordura: What’s Best for Boots?

Boot_camo I’ll admit that I have several boot prejudices. First, I prefer leather boots over Cordura, or even Cordura-leather mixes. Just think about how long your last pair of Cordura boots lasted. I’ll bet that if you wore them more than 100 days in the field, they started to show it.

I do enjoy the light weight of nylon, but I have found that they just will not hold up compared to bovine hide. Nylon also usually comes with some form of licensed camouflage. Camo is fine on your body, but it seems pointless to put a swatch of concealment on your feet that will probably never be seen by game, or is so small that it’s almost impossible to tell what brand it is. That little patch of green and brown also increases the retail price of your boots by about 15 to 20 percent. So if you like nylon boots for the weight, I understand. But if your intent is to camouflage your feet, I think you’re getting fleeced.


Dick Filippini

Pete: Ok, now that we're back on boots again, I need some good advise. I've hunted the same ranch in Southeastern Montana (Birney, MT, along the Tongue River) for over 30 years. Where in mid to late November we used to have snow about half the time, the last 8-10 years have been dry and hot. This year, for the first time in the 32 years my rancher friend's wife has been there, they didn't get a single cutting of hay. That's dry. Where I previously wore relatively heavy leather boots, there's no longer any need and I'd like to try a decent pair of lighter weight "hikers" that are tough enough to do a lot of hiking and climbing. This is "badlands" type country with lots of rough walking. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If possible, maybe something out of the Cabela's catalog where I can use my points, or another good mail order outfit. Thanks in advance. (And speaking of Cabela's, their "Visa Club" is the greatest thing since canned beer. I haven't had to "buy" anything hunting/shooting related in years. I use my Visa enough to earn a couple hundred bucks worth of points every year. And please excuse the endorsement.)

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