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July 28, 2006

Killer Socks: Replace Your Worn-Out Wool with High-Tech Synthetics

Socks Go check your sock drawer. If any pairs are looking tired or thin, trash them. Your feet will thank you, and so will your significant other. Now consider two of my favorite pairs, which  have survived at least 25 trips to the laundry:

Thorlo Warm Weather Hunting Socks are super soft and made of synthetic fibers, which do some serious moisture wicking to keep sweat off your feet. They also have well-padded bottoms and a lower density space in the arch for better boot contact. The Thorlo people take their socks seriously, possibly too seriously; check out the video of the “Love Your Feet” guy on their website. $16; www.thorlo.com

Smart Wool socks are made from soft, no-itch, no-shrink merino wool, and almost spring when you step. Smart Wool manages sweat well and is especially warm even in middleweights.  A blend of 69 percent wool, 27 percent nylon, and 4 percent elastic, they also offer great blister protection.  $16; www.smartwool.com

Fit Tip: The next time you buy a pair of boots, don’t try them on while wearing everyday socks. Instead, wear a pair of high-quality socks and a thin liner—a sock combination you’re likely to wear in the field. You might find that you’ll need to jump up a half boot size.



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