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July 25, 2006

Get One While You Can: The Orvis CFO IV

Reel_one While writing this blog, I just discovered that my beloved click and paw Orvis CFO IV fly reel has been discontinued!  Trout anglers everywhere should go into a state of mourning and then buy every new one (and reasonably priced used ones) your credit card can handle, because from this day forward I promise you they will never be cheaper. 

This is my copy that appeared in the August 2002 issue of Field & Stream

“In 1978 I scrimped and saved $110 to buy my first quality trout reel. It was the Orvis CFO IV.  Twenty-two years later and more than 1,850 days on the water, it is without question my most beloved trout reel. Introduced in 1968, the British-made CFO reel has extraordinary balance, time-honored design, and a sweet singing click that makes it a memorable partner with every trout I’ve connected to for over two decades.

The reel is made of meticulously machined aluminum with a click and paw drag that gives it the musical ring the reel is so famous for. Still manufactured to the same standards today in several sizes, the CFO IV is ideal for 5- and 6- weight lines. Priced at $235.”

For a nominal charge (about the cost of shipping) Orvis will refinish and clean your beaten CFO IV, bringing it back to brand new. Just send the reel to Orvis Customer Service (The Orvis Company, Inc., ATTN: Reel Department, Route 7A Tennis Way, East Dorset, VT 05253) in Vermont with a note that reads, “Please repair and refinish my CFO.” 

Here’s an Orvis dealer that still has a few CFO IV’s in stock.



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