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July 26, 2006

Covering Your Assets: Why You Should Think About ATV Insurance

Log_2_and_lean If your ATV mysteriously levitates from the confines of its trailer while you’re tooling down the road, or your buddy plants the front of your beloved bike into a tree, you should ask yourself, Do I feel lucky?  If you don’t have a special rider with your existing insurance company or specific ATV insurance, you may end up limping to the bank.

Keep in mind that ATV accidents typically leave you responsible for more than just the bike. If someone is hurt, or property is damaged, you may be open to legal action. Save yourself the fear and loathing, and call your insurance agent to ask if you’re covered.  You can also get an ATV insurance quote on the web from Progressive Insurance: www.progressiveinsurance.com   




In 2004, Progressive Insurance owner Peter Lewis and his Progressive Corp. gave $22.4 million to groups that support liberal causes like gun control. Moveon.org & what ever the Brady bunch is calling them selves today are two of them. See http://www.gon.com/ for this info. I wasn't aware of this and I'm glad I have my ATV insurance with Markel American.

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