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July 13, 2006

Blackhawk Crucible: The world’s sharpest knife

Knife I get real tired of using knives that break or lose their edge and don’t cut cleanly after just a few tasks. My expectations in a hunting knife may be unrealistic, but I want something that can pry, cut, and slice anything that gets in my way while maintaining a wicked edge. I’m willing to sharpen it; I just don’t want to do it all the time.

If you want a knife that’s sharp enough to make you afraid to open and close it--with a blade that stays exceptionally sharp for the longest period I’ve found--get a Blackhawk Crucible Tactical Knife (the name gives me chills). This bad boy was designed for combat fighting, and is used by the Delta Force and the Navy Seals. 

This sucker will hack through a thick piece of rope up in no time. The serrated edge will cut through a deer’s ribcage as if it were cardboard, and will still slice a tomato into fine pieces. It’s the sharpest commercial knife I’ve ever owned. The Crucible lists for $200 and is worth every penny. Go to http://navyseals.com/store



I have been using SOG Flash (assisted) knives for a while and have loved them. I just recently lost it and now I am carrying around my backup until I can find a good replacement. Perhaps this knife will be it. If it's good enough for our service men then it is surely good enough for me.


Looks like a really nice knife. Nice to see you back Ryan

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