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June 05, 2006

Trigger Happy: Timney Adjustables Will Take You to New Heights of Accuracy

Trigger It’s true, I have joined the ranks of shooters (it’s hard to call us hunters) who experience tremendous pleasure in shooting prairie dogs. Go ahead, call me an indiscriminant killer. And no, I didn’t eat them. (You’re welcome to tell me what they taste like.) But I did advance my shooting capability to a higher plain than I would have ever imagined.

The first and most important lesson I learned is that an excellent trigger is a must (which is no secret to David E. Petzal). During the first day of shooting, I fired several factory rifles with stock triggers. The second day, with a little supervision, I changed out all of my triggers to Timney adjustables and swiftly graduated to accuracy nirvana.

Day one, I shot fair to slightly above average. Day two, I felt like a Marine sharpshooter. My favorite gun (come back tomorrow and I will tell you about it) got to the point that if the dog was less than 150 yards, it felt my presence on the first shot, once I’d adjusted for wind. My final trigger epiphany came on the last morning, when our host handed me an unmodified, brand-new Henry 22 mag. After a day of feeling like a trained sniper, all of a sudden I couldn’t hit cow patties at 20 yards.

The lesson? If you can tell that your trigger is a little stiff, or has some creep, then chances are it’s downright horrible and a replacement will bring you to a new world of accuracy. Timney’s prices range from $40-$90. For more info go to www.timneytriggers.com


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