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June 01, 2006

Strong Boots: The Danner 453 GTX Provide All the Support You’ll Need

45370_danner_453 A few weeks ago I bashed soft-soled shoes that looked like hikers, but could barely keep you vertical on an escalator at the mall, let alone the side of a mountain.

Here’s a pair of boots that kick proverbial butt--the Danner 453 GTX. I have worn them almost every day for two months and love them. I would confidently wear these boots in high country during the summer, and to any airport that required a lot of walking.

They are waterproof --I held a hose on them for a couple of minutes and they stayed completely dry inside--and also have killer support with soft leather inside the collar. (It did take about 3 or 4 days of wearing them around the house to break them in.) Besides feeling cozy, these Danners weigh an ultra-light 1.9 pounds apiece. Who says strong boots have to weigh a ton? Here’s a place you can buy them for $140, $30 off of the suggested retail price.


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