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June 12, 2006

Sleep Like the Dead: A Cot That’s Well Worth The Price

Cot A great night’s sleep in the woods is worth its weight in trout, bass, salmon, or venison. Every time I camp out, my back reminds me just how much I dislike snoozing directly on sedimentary geology. 

If you’re tired of the beatings, go to Cabela’s and get yourself a good, old-fashioned cot. Keep in mind, this suggestion is not for backpackers. This kind of sleeping demands motorized transportation. And in this case, a good night’s sleep will weigh in at roughly 18 pounds. The classic Cabela’s Heavy-Duty Army Cot will support a mammoth 900 pounds, and even has optional accessories for hanging your gear.

You will sleep like the dead, stay warm and dry, and may not need any Advil to get going in the morning. $89;



Moneybookers casino must have confused Phishing with Fishing.


Dont these people know that we would rather spend our hard earned money on Hunting and Fishing equipment!

R. Collier

These cots are well worth the cost of an extra horse to pack them on when packing in via horseback. I slept on foam mats on the ground for years, but cots allow more room in the tent for storage as well as better sleeping. You'll still need a pad for insulation in cold weather though.

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