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June 13, 2006

Greatest Grill: Cook Your Meat at the Perfect Temperature

Grill I’m on the subject of heavy camping gear this week, so let me present the mighty Cherokee Grill. I’m sure you all know that when grilling meat, temperature makes all the difference. Restaurant grills sear meat at 1,200 degrees, while most backyard gas grills hover at a less-than-suitable 400 degrees. 

The Cherokee cooks at the same temperatures as the finest commercial grills with absolute uniformity using LP gas in an infrared ceramic burner.  You can power the stainless-steel grill with a disposable 16-ounce bottle of Coleman fuel (which will last about one and a half meals), or a standard 20-pound tank that will last about 25 meals.  At only 16 inches square and 12.5 inches deep, this grill is incredibly compact, but does weigh a hefty 46 pounds.  So if you’re taking it to camp, use the 4x4. Or just treat yourself to a well-deserved Father’s Day present and keep it on the back deck. Your old grill will be relegated to cooking corn on the cob. $500; www.tecinfrared.com



Looks like one heck of a Tailgate grill

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