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June 07, 2006

Game Finders: Two Scopes for the CZ 452

Bushnell_elite_25_10x50 In response to yesterday’s blog on the CZ 452, Ryan asked,“Can you recommend a good scope to put on this rifle? I will most likely be using this on varmints, and perhaps fall turkey hunting.”

Ryan, I can recommend (and never assume that Petzel will concur) an excellent scope for your varmint, deer and elk needs. Bushnell’s Elite 4200 2.5-10x50 Matte Finish rests on two of my rifles.

This scope is as good as it gets if you’re not investing in $1,000–plus German scopes.  The Elite 4200 features ultra-clear, waterproof glass with excellent coatings.The scope lists for around $625, but you can find one on eBay for under $400:http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?from=R40&satitle=Bushnell+elite+4200

As for turkeys, I have become a Red Dot guy.  If you’re on a tight budget because of the cash you’re dropping on the Elite, consider a Bushnell 730131 for $78: http://www.opticsplanet.net/bushnell-1x28-trophy.html. (In some states, it is illegal to use rifles to hunt turkeys. Be sure to check regulations.)



There's no way my wife will allow me to purchase a $1k scope so I'm happy you didn't reccomend one of those. My brother in law has a BSA Sweet 17 on his and it seems that's all he can talk about if you ask him about his .17. I'm sure his BSA is good, but I will take your advice over his. Thank you.


In response to the turkey hunting, by no means would I hunt a turkey with a rifle if the state didn't allow. I am also kinda weary to do so anyways for the simple reason of me sitting 100 yards away and shooting the eye out of a turkey doesn't seem very sporting. I like to be able to hear the birds next to me. That is what really gets my heart pumping. But since you posed the question here is the current legal means of taking for my state.

Oklahoma has recently added the following to their regulations: Legal Means of Taking
Rifle: Centerfire rifles, .22 magnum rimfire, 5mm magnum rimfire and .17 HMR are legal. All other rimfire rifles are illegal.



Ryan, isn't it hard to hit a "bobble head" at 100 yards, especially the eye?


Very hard, but not as hard as shooting a turkey flying.


I just played around with a EOTech site mounted on a M-4 and it was pretty awesome. It's a holographic site (govt price $300+) that is 10 times better than any red dot I have seen. The benefit of the holographic site is that you don't have to spend as much time looking at your sights. Rather you can spend the extra time looking at your target. I also believe it doesn't require any type of zeroing. Once mounted correctly it adjusts for each individual who is shooting the gun.


I also noticed Bushnell makes 3 varities of holographic scopes.

Peter have you ever had an opportunity to use this type of sight?

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