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June 20, 2006

Clean Your Feed Bin: This is What Happens When You Don’t…

A_happy_dog_w_clean_bin_ If you’re like most of us dog owners, you probably store your Kibbles in a container. And when it’s time to open a new bag, you dump the fresh feed on top of what’s left over. Right?

Don’t do it! Once the temperature climbs over 50 degrees, that leftover feed can become a breeding ground for any  bugs that happened to hitch a ride from the feed or grocery store to your house. Before you know it, you could be hosting 200 to 400 of the little fellows. They’ll contaminate your $40 bag of fresh dog food, make you cranky, and make your dog get sick with the runs.

When the temperature is warm, like it is right now, empty and clean your feed bin at least once a month. The alternative is not worth it!



Funny Post about cleaning dog feed bins. I JUST had a fight with my lady over this VERY subject as i told her to NOT just dump the new bag in on top of the few kibbles left in a nearly empty container and to wait and allow the time completley empty then clean the box. Even though she does see the valid point i made in our heated discussion this article only reaffirmed the point i was trying to make. Thank you


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