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June 14, 2006

Bright Light: This Brunton Lantern is Almost Blinding

Orion_l Although the classic Coleman lantern is still a time-honored accessory in most camps, there are brighter lights out there.  One of my favorite lanterns is the Brunton Orion 3-Mantle.  It costs $98.00, and comes in a thoughtful compact plastic case (although the handle-less case does not allow room for a propane bottle).  The lantern’s assembly and operation is very simple:; there is a base, a valve, an auto light switch, and a diffusion pattern on the globe.  It takes less than a minute to get it up and burning.  Without the propane canister , the Brunton weighs 3.6 pounds. In the propane brightness department, this baby is near brilliant with three mantles cooking at 250 watts.  Oh yea…Just don’t stare into the light.  www.brunton.com

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