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June 09, 2006

Bleeding Target: See Your Hits From 200 Yards

Dog_paper As my last dog blog, I present the Champion VisiColor Prairie Dog Target. This cute little pup has that “just shoot me” look. But what’s so alluring about this piece of paper is that you can judge your accuracy from where you’re shooting with just binoculars, up to 200 yards away.

When you hit the target, the bullet creates a brightly colored circle that’s easily viewable without a spotting scope. A head shot is yellow, heart is pink, and lungs are green. The paper measures 11x16 and the dog is what I would a call Boone and Crockett size pup. Each packet of targets has 10 sheets and costs about $9.50.

There is a very practical reason to consider all this varmint madness. Once you spend a few days lighting up tiny prairie dogs at 200 yards, this fall an adult whitetail will look like a walking barn door.


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