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June 23, 2006

An Almost Perfect Sandal: Go from Street to Boat Deck with the Simms Keen Deck Sandal

Simms The perfect sandal (or boat or shoe, for that matter) has yet to be manufactured. Granted, this is coming from a fussy guy. I find that the vast majority of sandals lack serious support, and will often grip well on dry concrete, but not on slick boat decks. While fishing in Montana last week, I discovered a pair that come close to perfection, the Simms Keen Deck Sandal.

I was so impressed, I actually wore them to the airport. (Thankfully, security never asked me to remove them.) The top support system is lined in neoprene that dries in a flash, and a Crocs-style bumper protects your toes. The footbed is nicely contoured and most importantly, the straps held my foot in place without slipping. Even though the sandals were brand new, the straps didn’t cut or irritate my feet in the slightest. They are a great choice for fishing in a drift boat, and adequate for light wading, except on really slimy rocks.$89



I was actually looking for a new pair of sandals for my next fishing trip. Those look cool and I like the croc style bumper. I went to the site to buy them and to my surprise they don't carry a 14, and I'm not about to squeeze into a 13. Guess I'll have to keep searching.


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