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June 22, 2006

$6 Flight Insurance: Make Your Own Rod Tube

Rod_tubes My experience with commercially made rod tubes is that they can’t take a beating. I have seen them crushed, cut in half, and even arrive at their destination without their contents. To protect your angling tools, invest $6 in good, old-fashioned Schedule 40 three-inch PVC pipe. It will hold three fly- or bait-casting rods and withstand up to 260 pounds per square inch of abuse.

You’ll need a section of pipe two inches longer than the pieces of the longest dismantled rod.  Also purchase two three-inch end caps and drill a small hole to allow air at both ends (or you’ll never get the cap off). Cut two pieces of foam, and place them in each cap to cushion the rods. Glue one cap on with PVC cement, and then reinforce it with black electrical tape.

Slip the rods (with their factory rod sacks) in the pipe at the opposite end. Then use tape to attach the cap. Finally, take a length of nylon strap from an old pack or bag and tape it on the tube as a handle.

Label the tube with your name and address in permanent marker, or by taping your business card to the side with transparent tape. Have the airlines broken or lost your stuff? Hit the comments bar and tell us what happened.



I have made these a couple times in the past and rather than taping the cap on the tube I used plumbers glue to attach a screw cap. Just make sure when you glue the threaded end on the tupe the cap is not screwed in. I have done that and gluing the cap in the threads is a good way to starting over on the project.


When you use the two part epoxy try not to use the purple primer. It looks nasty when done. With the leftover PVC you can always make a potato gun.

David E

hooray for potato guns.

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