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April 03, 2006

My Three Favorite Box Calls: Don’t leave home without them

Every box call has a slightly different pitch and there are times when some will work while others Boxcalls won’t. It pays to carry more than one. I always have these three stowed in my vest.

Lynch Anniversary Fool Proof Box Call
This anniversary call is almost exactly the same as my original Lynch, which is over 35 years old.  It sounds so good that I’ve retired my antique box to my display shelf. Both sides of the new Fool Proof are made of mahogany, and it has a laser engraved walnut lid—which, personally, I could do without. In its 65-year history, it’s likely that more turkeys have been seduced by this call than any other.  $75; 229-226-5793; lynchworldwide.com

Woods Wise Mystic No Chalk
The Mystic sounds great even when it’s soaking wet. Built from walnut and coated with a gritty black surface that keeps it working without chalk, this is a classic go-to call for any situation. $20; 800-735-8182; woodswise.com

H.S. Strut Beard Collector
This is the first call by Hunter Specialties to make it into my vest.  To be blunt, most of their older box calls sounded awful.  The Beard Collector is an all-cherry, two-sided call with a sharp pitch, and for reasons that remain mysteries of the universe, it will get a turkey to gobble when the other two won’t. $40; 319-395-0321; hunterspec.com


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