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April 26, 2006

Fenwick World Class Reels: If You Find One That Was Made in the U.S., Buy It

Every once in a while, a legendary piece of equipment graces the shelves of fly shops and a few lucky and smart anglers get to experience a small piece of perfection. Although today’s market offers some pretty impressive big-game reels with great drags for great prices, I still long for my old Fenwick World Class Steelhead and Salmon Reel, which was stolen from my bag in the Seattle airport back in 1994. I mourn its loss every steelhead season. In 1985—one of the two years the reel was made in the U.S.—it cost me $400. In the reel’s third year, Fenwick moved production overseas, cut its price in half, and the quality of the product diminished immediately.

If you ever find a Fenwick World Class with a gold back, and a black and gold front that says “Made in the USA,” buy it. Or at least tell me about it.  The single actions sell for around $175 and the double actions approach $300. These reels are comparable to the Pates and Finors of their day, and at these prices, they’re a mega-bargain. Check eBay for the reels periodically by clicking here. (This page is automatically updated each time a new item is posted.)


Jon Schaffer

I have a Fenwick World Class 8 Fly Reel almost identical to what you describe. The reel case is flat black and the drag wheel is gold. I purchased this in late 1985, at the same time a close friend puchased the same reel with the gold trim exactly as you described. My reel was used 3 times on the Salmon River in upstate New York and has been stored in its original leather case and box ever since. This reel is an amazing piece of precision equipment that has a drag smoother than any other reel I have ever tried. I stopped using the reel only because I became a lake fisherman, fishing for salmon off shore on Lake Ontario. If you or anyone you are aware of has an interest let me know as it is a shame to let such a nice piece of equipment go unused.


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jon furillo

In Need of a repair
fenwick class 6 fly reel
any idea who can do the job RIGHT ????? TY

Mrs Peter Massa


Are you the son of Carl Furillo? If so, contact me. I have a letter that your father wrote to my father. I would like you to have it.

robert percival

I have a Class 6 (USA made) that I purchased new in the early 80's.
I cherish the 2o years of steelheading with this reel in the rivers of the great lakes.
I now live in Nova Scotia, and am 100% hooked on catch and release Atlantic Salmon fishing.
I landed my 2 first Atlantics on the famed Margaree River on Cape Breton Island with this reel, the 2nd being a 17 lb Male in his glorious spawing colors.
This reel had never been serviced by a professional until 2008, when it was completely disasembled, cleaned,and lubricated for a few dollars,and now works like new.

At 9.5 ounces it is a little heavy
compared to a modern reel of equal
capabilities, but it is an object of pure design and function, and it holds the memories of a life spent on rivers.

Now when I travel to the incredible Atlantic Salmon rivers of Labrador and Newfoundland, my old Class 6 buddy goes along as my trusty backup reel. But every trip I take,i always fish that "old friend " for a day or two.

jon furillo

yes i am the son of Carl Furillo. but i have Know way of contacting you on this matter other han email
please let me know
thank you
jon furillo


I have one, that I used must have been close to 3 decades ago, been sitting in my leather case ever since then,, what is it worth, the last time on the salmon river in upstate ny, I was approached and offered $500 on the spot, didn't tske the money

John G

I have a Fenwick World Class 6 that my brother gave to me. He bought it new in 1985 or so. He used it twice I believe. Its in excellent shape and was "Made in U.S.A.". I am interested in selling it.
You can e-mail me at [email protected].


I have a wc6...been in the case for years.
Would consider selling.
[email protected]

richard cathie

As I avid collector of high end fly reels I believe the early versions of the Fenwick World Class fly reels are a true American classic. As rare or rarer than Seamasters and much rarer than, Pate, Tibor, Fin Nor, Abel or other comparable US made fly reels. I consider them a bargain and own all 5 models. If anyone wishes to sell a mint World Class please feel free to contact me.

dave reichart

This is your cousin Dave. I hope you can remember me.
I would love to talk to you someday.
Send me you contact number.
I can be reached ay 386-294-1328 or 386-209-4380

John G

I wasn't sure of the best method of selling the Fenwick World Class 6 "Made in U.S.A." reel, so I just listed it on Ebay. I also listed two extra World Class 6 spool assembly...all of them are actually never used. My brother informed me that he bought it new and it was NEVER used.

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I just came across some Fenwick Reels and one is a World Class#4, if you would like i can e-mail some pictures1

vance Moss

Hi thereI have a 9' 6" fenwick world class fly rod. I't is 4 piece. Any one know any thing abput this rod it doesn't look like the world class I seen in the fly shop recently the writing if world class is way bigger. comes in a nice aluminium tube and rod sock. let me know if any has info. thanks, vm




if someone is looking for a mint class 2 mine is on sale on ebay france.
i really agree....the best reel i've ever had and i think it's a stupidity to sell it but i need some money :-(

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