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March 29, 2006

The Accusense OC-023: A compass/watch that really works

My experiences with digital altimeter /compasses have not been great. Two years ago, I tested a Watch_3_28_06 High Gear altimeter/compass built into a carabiner and I fought the thing every step of the way.  Eventually, I lost the instructions and found myself completely helpless. Now comes the Origo Accusense OC-023 multi-sensor watch, which is a step in the right direction. I quickly got the compass to work, found the altimeter, reset the barometer and the time--all without looking at the manual. It is really one-touch operational and I am impressed with how intuitive the settings are compared to the other brands I’ve used. The Origo is a practical tool for hunting or fishing in any unknown territory. $140; 888-545-8215;


S L Tomaryn

Good looking watch. Terriable WEB site. Couldn't even find how to order. You guys need to review WEB sites before you recommend them.


I agree it was a little difficult finding the watch. Maybe next time you can link directly to the watch on the site.


Peter really had the exclusive on this one. The website is coming, should be just a couple weeks. Be sure and check it out! We continue to develop more and more watches and will have the product and order details posted there shortly!

Stay tuned!


Can anyone please tell me how I can get rid of my "Key Locked"-message?


To unlock, press "mode" (the "key locked message will display), then press "reset"

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This was such a well-informed, well-written piece that I'm going back and reading everything

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