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March 29, 2006

A Cool Canine Comb

One of the many reasons my 80-pound yellow lab and my wife have an antagonistic relationship is Brush_3_28_06 his endless supply of hair. No matter how much I brush him, I can’t keep up with the shedding. In a feed store, I recently saw a blade brush with four rings—the Decker Curry Comb Spiral Spring Brush #15S. The salesman said it was made for horses, but he knew a couple of dog owners who used them. I’m thinking, Four blades have to be better than one. (I know, I sound like a razor commercial.) Well, they are. In just 5 minutes of brushing, I removed more hair than I had with the single shedding blade in the past two weeks. The dog loves it. There is noticeably less hair in the house. And my wife is moving on to other canine complaints. Look for them at your local feed store or Petsmart. $6; 866-835-564; doityourself.com/store/6142673.htm


Angela Hult

Four blades are indeed better than one. I tried this (At $6 you can't go wrong -- less than a chew toy) and was pleasantly surprised. My dog thanks you, too.


I also have an unruly lab that shed's a lot! I have used the single blade comb and have been extrememly happy with the results. It's nice to see that men's razors are not the only thing adding more blades. I will be heading to Pet's Mart to pick one up to help get that winter coat off of him outside and not on my couch inside.

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