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Kim Hiss, an associate editor at Field & Stream, has hunted ducks, antelope, turkeys, and deer throughout the country, enjoying a number of women's hunts along the way. She lives in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Click here to email Kim.

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December 20, 2008

This page has been moved to http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/fshuntress

If your browser doesn’t redirect you to the new location, please visit The FSHuntress at its new location: www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/fshuntress.

And the Gear Goes To...

     Katie Hendrickson! Known to us as "Katie," she is a long-time blog reader, and says she got her first ZackTack Logo (…ircle) copy bow harvest with her Gear Giveaway prize from last year -- a FatBoy hunting cushion from Hunt Comfort. 

     As a hunter who also loves to fish, Katie will be getting a fantastic tackle bag from Zack Tack -- the original Camo Soft Tackle Bag and Backpack Tackle Box. So congrats to Katie (and good luck to her on her finals!), and a big thank you to Zack Tack. 
    Just a heads up that the Gear Giveaway will be taking a short holiday break, but I look forward to finding more good homes for great gear in January!  -K.H. 


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Judy Black

Congratulations Katie not only on your winning the gear grab but your harvest.
Hope your new soft tackle bag gets filled with everything you need to catch the big one.
Thanks to Kim and Zack Tack for the gear.
Happy Holidays


Congrats Katie on your new gear and bow kill. Aren't those fatboy hunting cushions great! Way cool tackle box, I'll have to check out Zack Tack and get one.

Sarah M.

Congrats Katie! Hopefully we'll see some pics of all your fish in the coming months!

Sarah M.

Congrats Katie! Hopefully we'll see pics of all your fish in the coming months!


Thanks to Kim, Zack Tack, F&S, and all of you great gals!

I DO love my cushion, and I'm sure I'll love my new bag as well! Hopefully I will catch some great ones to show you all!!

Thanks again!!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!!

Laura Bell

Congrats Katie!! Have fun fishing! And Ace those finals!!


Congrats on the bow kill. Maybe I'll have to try one of those cushions.

Merry Christmas!!!

I just glanced at my original post and wanted to clarify a point. Katie didn't actually get her first bow harvest WITH the cushion (as in by throwing the cushion at the deer -- that WOULD be impressive!). But she was certainly sitting on the cushion at the time! The sentence just sounded pretty funny when taken literally. -K.H.


That would be a pretty amazing feat! I wish I could take a harvest by throwing my cushion at it!! HaHa.

Thanks again everyone, and finals are over!! Hope everyone has a great end of season and Happy Holidays!