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Kim Hiss, an associate editor at Field & Stream, has hunted ducks, antelope, turkeys, and deer throughout the country, enjoying a number of women's hunts along the way. She lives in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Click here to email Kim.

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November 23, 2008

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And the Gear Goes To...

     Lou Alexander! We all know Lou as a longtime blog reader and frequent comment-or, whose recent Muzzy story about a sobering experience with a doe kicked off a meaningful discussion.

     Lou, who says she just spent the weekend in the woods, will be receiving the one-two-punch combo prize of scents from Tink's and broadheads from Muzzy (four-blade, per her preferencTinkse)! I'm sure she'll make great use of them.

    So congrats to Lou and a big thank you to Muzzy and Tink's -- and happy almost-Thanksiving (I hope everyone's pre-holiday stress is holding steady so far)! -K.H.


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Congratulations, Lou! I enjoy your comments and stories on the blog. I got my Muzzy/Tinks combo prize last week, but didn't get to use them yet....opening day of gun season here in Alabama was Sat. and it's a "tradition" for me to take my little granddaughter on opening day, so I didn't get to bow hunt. Maybe this comming weekend!


Congrats Lou!

Judy Black

Yeah Lou..congratulations. Muzzy's rock!!
My son had the very same thing happen to him this past weekend that you wrote about.
It happens, it bothers us, but that is hunting.
Enjoy your prize and post photos of your harvest with them.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Northern Michigan is COVERED in snow.

Laura Bell

Congrats Lou!! That sure was a very active topic. Enjoy your gear, and like Judy said, Post Pics!!


Congratulations Lou! Enjoy your new Muzzy's and Tink's! Everyone have a terrific Thanksgiving! Hey Judy we have snow too in the Endless Mtns of PA! Hope it's still here for opening day (firearms) Monday! Everyone send pics and how about some favorite venison recipes. I am sure we will all have a lot of cooking to do with our upcoming harvests! I'm so psyched, my favorite week of the year, opening week when my hunting buddies come from afar and we hunt, eat the best meals and tell stories, lots of stories. Some short and some Talllll :) Enjoy your hunting adventures!

Laura Bell

If you don't have any snow Paula, feel free to cross into Ohio and grab a few inches. It's been snowing all day and they're saying an additional 4-6" tonight. We do need some though as our gun season opens Monday also, WHOO HOO!!
Plans are still up in the air whether or not some of our buddies will be hunting, so I might be venturing out on my own for the week days. If that's the case, Mr. Big, hopefully, won't see me as a threat until it's too late...
Good Luck All!!


You've got a deal Laura, what part of Ohio? My brother lives out there. He is in WV with my sons at the family camp. It has always been men only since I was Little (I'm 51) and I am the first girl to be invited to hunt there. They even hung a privacy curtain around a bunk they built for me. Maybe next year I'll go, but I wasn't invited when I was learning so I'll stick with my hunting buddies that taught me how to hunt, and plus it's in my own back yard. I was thinking of moving out to Ohio since they have bigger bucks! LOL. Hope you meet up with "Mr Big" and I hope you win. Have a great hunt, I'll be thinking about ya.

Laura Bell

I'm only about an hour in from the PA Line. Right close to the "Hole In The Horn" land.
Just where did you hear that Ohio has Bigger Bucks?? That's not true, you see they cross into Ohio from PA, IN, etc. Lol Ah, I can't lie to ya. :) I'm not in a really good trophy county, but it'll do.
I'll be wishing you luck while I'm hunting! Wouldn't that be cool if we both got something on the same day?
Have Fun!