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Kim Hiss, an associate editor at Field & Stream, has hunted ducks, antelope, turkeys, and deer throughout the country, enjoying a number of women's hunts along the way. She lives in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Click here to email Kim.

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August 29, 2008

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Palin for Vice President?

     Unless you've been in a sound-proof booth all day, you've learned a thing or two about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. She hunts, she's a member of the NRA, and as of today, she's also the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee.
     Of course, there hasn't been a lot of time to get to know her yet, but the media has been broadcasting a number of now-familiar bytes: Ms. Palin is a self described "hockey mom," mother of 5, and made history in 2006 by becoming the first woman governor of Alaska. According to her official biography, she's an avid hunter (with at least one photo posted there to prove it), and enjoys fishing with her family in Bristol Bay. According to her Wikipedia page, as a child she would get up before school to hunt moose with her father, and she now enjoys eating moose burgers and ice fishing.
     Clearly the John McCain campaign has found a fresh-faced Washington outsider with the potential to woo still-disgruntled supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton. Interesting that the choice of running mate should also be such an outdoorswoman. As Ms. Palin introduces herself to the American public at the Republican nominating convention this week, I'll be very curious to see how much her identity as a hunter and fisherman factors into the portrait she paints of herself.
     What's your first read on Mr. McCain's new right hand man, and how surprised were you by the choice? -K.H.



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Not much experience, but seems like just the change of pace we need in politics. I'd share a moose burger with her anytime.


First reax?: blazingly brilliant
How surprised?: pleasantly

Sarah Rogstad

well we will see how this works out.


Great - like I saw on other blogs it gives me a purpose to vote for McCain OTHER than a vote against Obama.


I should maybe clarify a liitle more my last post. I would NEVER vote for Obama/Biden no matter who they were running against.


McCain scored big with this one....not just a home run, but clean out of the park!


Doesn't this feel a bit like McCain is just trying to further secure the whiny liberal feminist vote that won't stop chanting Hillary's name since she blew it in the primaries?

Hasn't McCain been the one pounding the "Experience! your president must have experience" drum all this time?

This woman (albeit she is a woman and a sportswoman at that) has so much less experience than any of McCain's potential opponents that he's just shot that old experience argument in the hoof!

No one is happier than me to finally see a woman on the ticket. But this one is just a transparent ploy to kiss the hind rump roasts of jaded Democrat Liberal Feminists... not the kind of woman that Palin really is!

It's Pandering, and I'm sorry, I need more from my commander in chief than pandering.

I expected more... much more from John McCain. He's done nothing but disappoint me and change his stances on just about everything since this time last year.

I would have given my trigger finger to vote for this guy in '00.

This is not the same man that ran back then.

It's crap like this that's turned me toward Bob Barr. He's a man of principle who has stood for his core values his whole career.

I vote for those who represent my beliefs and if the republicans are going to stand up for whatever will get them votes, I have NO faith in them any more. How can I at this point?

I'm going to vote for the candidate who stands for what I believe in. Not whatever he thinks will get him elected at the moment.


I have to agree with Bill Maher ... Jonh "These Are Dangerous Times, I've Had Cancer 4 Times" McCain puts a heartbeat away a stewardess?

Executive experience??? Managing a body politic with a population smaller than San Fernando?

As much as I don't like Obama ... surely the Republican Party has SOMEONE better qualified. Or is the Party as talent bankrupt as it is morally bankrupt??


Palin is the governor of our largest state. Alaska is bigger than California and Texas combined and she has more constituents than Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi. She has held elected office longer than Obama and has more knowledge of energy policy than Biden Obama and McCain. John McCain is the most qualified presidential candidate we've had since Eisenhower and he doesn't need a VP to teach him the ropes. Sarah Palin and Obama are both qualified to be vice president.


Dear Andrew: You've been into the Kool-Aid, haven't you?

Lou Alexander

My first thought was that the republicans were pandering for the female vote to counter the racial vote that Obama might get, then I started reading. I am more comfortable with McCains choice since I started educating myself. We will have to wait till Nov., rut time is this neck of the woods, to see. No mater what, this is history in the making.


John "Country First" McCain is pandering to the flat earth wing of the Republican Party ... the Bible thumpers ... folks who want to kick science out of the schools & replace it with the Book of Genesis. Oh yeah ... and to the PUMAs ... (Party Unity My Ass). I'm not thrilled with the Obama/Biden history of hostility to law abiding gun owners. I've written Obama several times ... he wants to convince us "bitter" gun owners he doesn't mean to take our guns then repeal the Brady Act ... retroactive to date of inception. No response.


She's the perfect choice for John McCain. With the problems he's having with the conservative base, she's the excellent complement. A lot of conservatives like me, who were going to vote for McCain anyway, but were a bit concerned because of some of his squirrely positions on certain issues, feel a lot better (a true "breath of fresh air", as some people have been saying) now with Sarah Palin in the ticket. Perhaps she can convince him to change his position on drilling in ANWR. As far as whether or not she's ready to take over at any time, she is just as ready as the other three candidates. In fact, she has more administrative experience than any of those senators (Obama having the least). She will be fine. She is bright, she's sharp, and she's not plastic. And God forbid, if this ever happens, she will surround herself with the best people (advisers) and she will govern smartly, honestly, truthfully and with a lot of vigor ala Margaret Thatcher.


McCain got this pick absolutely right! Palin is fabulous, experienced, very intelligent, and fishes and hunts! What more could we ask for! I would never vote for Obama (he scares me)and now I have even more reason to vote for McCain.
-a long time hunter and fisherwoman


It was really funny to watch the left wing feminsts com out with she is not qualified. She has raide and is raising a family, she went from PTA to Governor. And last but not least why is experience such an issue when Clinton and Bush ran. I 'll give them credit at least they had run states. Nobama hasn't run anything. He has been a Sen for 143 days. I've got a few deer steaks older than that. You guys and gals like your freedoms so much you better go look at the Biden-Obama ticket voting record when it comes to owning a firearm. They are both gun banners. Obama is threatening tv and radio station with losing their LIC if they broadcast any thing negative about him. Sounds more like Putin than American. Lepoards don't change their spots.


My bumper sticker says: PALIN/MCCAIN...instead of MCCAIN/PALIN. I had already decided that I would have to vote for McCain, and I wasn't too thrilled with my choices...Obama is a joke! But now I'm energized, too. And more excited about this election than I have been in years! My new T-shirt says, "What We Want: A Bear-huntin', Ice-fishing, Wave-makin', Corruption-bustin', God-fearin', Head-turnin', Game-changin', Pistol-packin' Mama. Sarah Palin for Vice-President." You can order yours at cafepress.com!

Carel Two-Eagle

Palin and I both hunt, & I used to fish, but past that she is not my kind of woman, and I now hope the Democrats win this Presidential election. She is the antithesis of everything I believe in and have spent my life working for in human rights and the environment. I'm old enough to be her mother, so I trust you will listen up. The mere fact that she hunts and fishes has less than nothing to do with any ability to run the Executive Branch of the government - or to help to. She's the governor, but her record doesn't say much good about her. She's an environmental disaster; she is not a reformer or a reliable person, and in case you haven't noticed, I find her repugnant. Vote for your dog if you can't vote for Obama & Biden. I'm giving it serious thought.. And no, I wasn't wild about Hilary either. When are we going to get some REAL choices to vote for / against? I miss that!


After what bush has done to our republican party and to the country in the last 8 years I want to throw up. Now they give us mccain and pallin. It's like a bad joke. and who the heck is pallin? If they were going to try and pander to us with a woman on the ticket surely they could give us someone better than this!! I can't even hold my nose and vote for this pair.

Dr. Ralph

You'd rather vote for a Black Muslim who wants to outlaw handguns and redistribute wealth to those who refuse to work? I feel sorry for you Alice... They all have lying and smiling at the same time down to a science, why do you think they got into politics?

Dr. Ralph

By the way I voted Ron Paul in the primaries. I vote the best person for the job regardless of party affiliation. I voted for Reagan in 80 & 84, Ron Paul in 88, Ross Perot in 92, Clinton in 96, and Bush in 2000 and 04 while holding my nose because they all stunk...


"Palin is the governor of our largest state. Alaska is bigger than California and Texas combined and she has more constituents than Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi. She has held elected office longer than Obama and has more knowledge of energy policy than Biden Obama and McCain. John McCain is the most qualified presidential candidate we've had since Eisenhower and he doesn't need a VP to teach him the ropes. Sarah Palin and Obama are both qualified to be vice president."

JR- Wow you wrote to Obama to change his position on guns- how did that work out? and said I'm drinking the Cool Aid. I would think cool aid would be more popular with Obama voters- the grape.

Walt Smith

You're right Alice, there's no way this country is ready for any woman to be vice-president or president especially if she's a governor with a 80% or higher rating, raising 5 kids during her tenure, and a hunter to boot. The only woman that might be considered would be one that blew off her husbands sexual affair during his presidency, can't fit into a skirt under size 40, and is a anti-gunner. By the way, what laws did she stroke the pen on??

Laura Benjamin

I'm all for her. I had planned to vote for McCain anyway, but this just reinforces my opinion that he's got a head on his shoulders. Regardless of whether she hunts or fishes, she has a track record and a backbone.


Andrew: The Kool-Aid subreference was to Jonestown ... Kool-Aid laced poison.


I have to wonder, what were they thinking when they put up this woman for VP. I hunt and fish but that don't make her a sister of mine! I am just so full up with republican hyppocracy, double standards and elitist pandering I could never go that way anyways but I saw the Katy Kourec interview! This woman can't string two coherent sentences! She didn't know what the Bush doctrine was! She thinks polar bears will evolve into "land bears" yet propounds creationism at the same time! She claims to be a right wing feminist! She thinks the Iraq war is a "mission from God"! Half the poeple in her state are native and live where there is no jobs to be had yet she messes with their hunting and fishing rights! What are the Inupiat,the Gwitchen, and other native peoples supposed to eat if they are not allowed to continue their traditional ways? It isn't as if they can get jobs serving burgers at the clown restaurant. I hope to heaven Obama wins, we've had enough fools in office for a while.