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Kim Hiss, an associate editor at Field & Stream, has hunted ducks, antelope, turkeys, and deer throughout the country, enjoying a number of women's hunts along the way. She lives in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Click here to email Kim.

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November 23, 2007

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Season Firsts

So, I've been getting some great email updates from readers harvesting thier first animals - the stories are really fun to hear. Laura Benjamin got a very nice Thanksgiving present this year with her first muley! She took him on a hunt near Craig, Colo., and she writes about him, her first elk, and the reasons she started hunting in the first place (despite the fact that she's a self-described "girly girl") at her blog . Just to give you an idea, here's what she says about her initial interest in the sport:

I believe we've done ourselves a disservice by distancing ourselves from the lives our grandparents andLaurasfirstbucknov07_2 parents lived when they had to put food on the table the old fashioned way. Nowadays if the electricity goes out and the grocery store isn't restocked, most people are frantic. We've lost the ability to be self-sufficient. We rely too much on electronic and digital gadgets to make our lives comfortable. Hunting is a way to engage that self-sufficient gene.

Just before that email from Laura, reader NorCal Cazadora wrote about her first pheasant, which she took near Sacramento, Calif., and talks about on her own blog . I, for one, got a kick out of her cat's reaction to the kill:

The best part was when I got home. I spotted our outdoor cat, Giblet, who's been known to take outPheasant0720071110 scrub jays for kicks, and I thought, Hey, she'll LOVE this! So I brought it out to her to show off MY hunting. And she absolutely freaked out. Wouldn't go near the bird at all. Looked on from about five feet away. Seemed relieved when I took it back in the house. HA! You've got to love the role reversal, dontcha? Isn't it usually the cat who wants to show off the caracass to the human, and the human who wants nothing to do with it?

Congrats to all who've gotten their first, second, or any number of harvests so far this season. For anyone still with an empty freezer, congrats just on being out there - it's the doing not the getting that makes the experience worthwhile. --K.H.


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While we didn't get our big game this year, it was great fun to cross backyards to our neighbor and new friend Curtis's to share in his elk heart dinner, moose sausage from one of HIS friends and a great thriller flic.

All of you women I've been reading about these past few months- you've been wonderful, moving and inspiring. I dream of the day I get to do more and do it competantly:)

NorCal Cazadora

Thanks, Kim! I really appreciate how your blog brings together all the huntresses out there.


This blog is great! All thanks goes to Kim. Congrats to everyone! And good luck for the rest of the season!!


I really love Laura's comments about our parents and grandparents. Ironically, the idea is rather simplistic and obvious, but I think the whole notion of "nature's grocery store" (if you will) gets lost, especially amidst all of today's food production "advancements" and concerns.

As a "city gal," I can say there's not a lot of self sufficiency going on around in these parts relative to food. Readily available commercial food is completely taken for granted because it's everywhere and seemingly endless. Laura has managed (for me, anyway) to articulate that innate need to find food and "provide" for one's family, as well as the great sense of pride and confidence that comes from successfully doing that.

Plus, hunting sure beats the pants off "gathering!!" (Sorry! I couldn't resist!)

Laura Benjamin

Dear Tracy and all,
Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I never imagined I'd "get into" hunting, but have always loved being outdoors and seeing the herds of wild animals. The experience does put you into a different frame of mind and connection with nature that's quite moving. I appreciate all your comments and hope to become more involved with this community!

Dana @ The Wild WoodsWoman

The "first" is always memorable! I just wish I had better pictures from those. Keep that in mind for those of you getting ready to get your first anything. Have a good camera ready, and someone around to take the pic!