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Kim Hiss, an associate editor at Field & Stream, has hunted ducks, antelope, turkeys, and deer throughout the country, enjoying a number of women's hunts along the way. She lives in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Click here to email Kim.

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November 08, 2007

This page has been moved to http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/fshuntress

If your browser doesn’t redirect you to the new location, please visit The FSHuntress at its new location: www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/fshuntress.

How's Your Season Going?

     Is it going as well as this photo? A toledoblade.com story earlier this week talked to Vicki Mountz, head of the information and education section of the Ohio Division of Wildlife, and proud new owner of a whole lot of venison.
      Her comments about scent reminded me of our conversation a little while back. The story states:Mountz 

Mountz said she does not wear a special scent-locking suit and was not using a ground attractant or cover-scent. But she carefully washes her hunting clothes in nonscent soap, showers with nonscent soap, and stores her clothes in a plastic bin with apples and acorns.

     So we know how things are going in Ohio, but how are things going with you? Sightings? Near hits? Meat for the freezer? At the very least, maybe you’ve gotten a lot of reading done in the blind. Feel free to send stories, updates—even your feelings about crossbows (apparently, that's what Vicki used).

    And if you're lucky enough to have a recent harvest to show off, I’m happy to brag on your behalf. Email me a photo and I’ll put it up on the blog. Happy Hunting! —K.H.


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Sarah Rogstad

Going out again for another weekend. Brought the 5yr old last weekend missed out on 2 because he got cold. but thats ok I am starting him early. Now mom is going on her own just this weekend. got to go sun is going to come up soon.

Wanda H

All I have taken so far is a doe last monday, decided to play hooky from work... I went hunting after I put my son on the school bus.
sat there an hour & along came 4 does, I used a belat can, they walked right towards me.
I am going this morning also. hopefully will have something to update about later.
My sister took a button buck sun mroning, that she thought was a doe. she was tickled.


Our firearm season starts on the 15th, so I'm starting to gear up and get pretty excited.

I hunt with my Dad and uncles on my grandparent's farm. Family tradition of course. And then Thanksgiving weekend, I'll be heading to Escanaba in the Upper Peninsula with my hubby's family to see how they do things. It sounds like it'll be a lot different from the hunting I'm used to. I've always hunted over farmland and fields, where you can see for what seems like miles. In da UP, eh, I'll be in brush so thick that you don't know a deer is there until it's right on top of you. ;) Or so I've been told. I'm looking forward to the adventure.

But for this weekend, it's all about the waterfowl. We may get the oppurtunity to field hunt for the first time. If that doesn't pan out, we have a few new decoys and spread ideas to try out on the water. I can't wait!

Laura Bell

Hey that ain't no Ohio Buck! Too Big! Lol Nice one and my Congrads to her!

Today's hunt went something like this.
Finally I see a deer in front of my blind! And he looks like a good'n!!
However I didn't shoot for one of the following reasons.

1. Was too dark to shoot yet?

2. He never stopped?

3. Never offered a shot?

4. I wasn't in the blind yet?

If you guess number 4 you are correct! Talk about sickening!
The corn is still standing in our field and there's deer tracks around the edge so I head out there as it's just getting light out. I figure I'll hunt on my way to the blind, something may emerge from the corn and offer me a shot. Well no it didn't.
But as I'm rounding the final corner to my blind, about 40 yards away now, there right there not 15 yards in front of the blind is a Buck! A Nice buck!! I couldn't see how nice but he had a good 4-point side on his right.
I hit the dirt as soon as a seen him and hit the grunt tube. I waited a minute as I can't seen much in my kneeling position and so I slowly stood... Nothing. He was gone. I about just turned around and came back home. I did stay a while any who and only saw squirrels.
That's hunting for you, but geez can't I get a little lucky with the bow?

I'm going back there tonight to see if I can't catch him coming out of bed. Wish me Luck!

Lou Alexander

This is the first year I have been able to bow hunt much. I haven't seen much in the antler department, but have been up close to some does. Last Sat. evening I was in a ground blind when two does came out. When I drew back my bow, there was a squeek from the lower cam, and of course they split. Why can't those things happen while you practice?! I'm looking forward to this weekend with the new moon, and newly lubed cams :)


Was in upsate NY this past weekend, our friends put on an old fashioned drive with 8-11 of us... had 5 does come within 20' of me, but we have an agreement to leave does to hopefully bring in more bucks. Saw 1 buck, but he was running up the ridge I was sitting on, about 50' thru thick hemlock... no possible shot, except up his white flag, as he circled behind the unseen drivers. I swear the bucks all hide their heads behind trees!


I am excited about this hunting season because it is my first hunting season with a bow. My goal is to harvest a bow kill by December 26, 2007 to round out my FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF HUNTING by harvesting an animal with rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader and bow. I harvested a 6 point last weekend with a Muzzleloader. My first time hunting with one.

I have been blessed to experience all that I have over the past year and I am thankful for all the people that I have crossed paths with. I am also blessed to have a great mentor, my husband, Richard.


I have to first say congrats to everyone, good work. I harvested my first deer with my bow a couple of weeks ago at my parents. I got a nice sized doe that offered some great meat. My boyfriend got a 10 point opening day of bow season as well. That same day, I witnessed my first buck-on-buck rack competition about 50 yards from my treestand, which was awesome. We've had a lot of great activity so far this year, I definately can't complain. I just wish that big one would come my way tomorrow! Good luck to everyone else, happy hunting!!


Wellllll, I wasn't going to post this since I haven't lived it down nor redeemed myself yet. I have been Turkey hunting so far as I have ordered my bow and hope to get good at it by next season. My hunting buddy said I should use a 12 ga shotgun to hunt turkeys with so I was in my blind when I can hear all the turkeys crashing out the trees and then making their way up to the pasture. They get so close to me and I pick one to aim at that is on the outside but in the middle of this flock of about 15 turkeys. I shoot and FREAKIN MISS ALL OF THEM!!! I ranged it afterward and they were only 18 yards. I have since had lessons shooting a shotgun (only shot rifle with scope before) and if they ever come back I'll be sure to not miss. I have been there every morning but they haven't been back. On a positive note - my fat-boy camo cushion is sooo comfy. Also, after our blog on scent I have changed how I do things and rewashed everything,& store separately from the rest of the house. I have seen more deer at close range to me than I have ever seen. This is so exciting, hopefully they will still be coming around when firearms season starts on the 26th. I am so psyched!
Good Luck Ladies and enjoy your hunts!

Dana @ The Wild WoodsWoman

I love reading all your updates - very fun! I haven't gotten anything bow or fall turkey hunting. But in setting up my blind for gun season I saw a really really nice buck. Can't wait for November 17th!


Hey Paula and Lou - I feel your pain! I've been bow hunting @ a friend's place. He has a no-doe policy which is fine by me . . waited 5 days to get TWO bucks in about 20 yds of me. Little guy was concealed by tree and couldn't see me while big guy was walking behind cover (!!!) towards my 12 yard marker. I went to draw and either my &^*!! release wasn't all the way closed around my draw loop or I inadvertently hit the (no longer hair trigger) release and it plunked my arrow to the ground. They actually stayed around and let me re-nock another, but the arrow "tinked" on the inner part of the rest and they wandered away. I spent the next 2 hrs fighting off the urge to puke and/or cry. Oh well. Can't wait to get out again!

By the way - big congrats to Vicki's 18 ptr. If you check out the Ohio DNR page, there's a section for deer hunting photos - lots of monsters this year. MANY photos of women and girls - way to go gals.

Happy hunting to all!

NorCal Cazadora

I just celebrated my first anniversary of becoming a huntress, and I'm happy to report that I'm actually hitting birds this year!

Not that I didn't last year - I got four: two ducks, a goose and a pheasant. Yesterday, I matched that record four weeks into the waterfowl season here in Northern California. Things are looking up!


Update!!! I met my first year goal... I harvested my bow kill last weekend.

Thanks again to all of the encouraging women that I have met on boards like this one. If it were not for these boards, this may not have been possible.



first of all, thanks to all women who hunt period! I went into the local Sportsmans Warehouse the other day to buy ammunition for my new 30.06. I put the bullets and a new gun sling on the counter and I asked the guy behind the counter to see a scope that was in the case below. He looked at me like I was crazy. Was it my make-up? my clothes? or just being a woman? Anyway, I left the store and last weekend I took my make-up off,put my hunting clothes on and on Sunday morning at 8:31 I killed a nine pointer that field dressed 180 lbs. Keep on hunting girls!