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Kim Hiss, an associate editor at Field & Stream, has hunted ducks, antelope, turkeys, and deer throughout the country, enjoying a number of women's hunts along the way. She lives in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Click here to email Kim.

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September 23, 2007

This page has been moved to http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/fshuntress

If your browser doesn’t redirect you to the new location, please visit The FSHuntress at its new location: www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/fshuntress.

Field Scrapbook

I’ve been wanting to get some photos up on the blog, and conveniently enough, reWanda1_5ader Wanda Hyleman sent me a few to post along with the following comments. –K.H.

      I encourage all the women I know to join their boyfriends/husbands in the woods. I sure am glad that my ex introduced me to hunting, as I never went before he took me and I have so many great memories of those years together. Last year, when he gave me the gun that was his dad’s I know I probably had my mouth open since we’d been divorced for 6 years. He even gave me a ladder stand a few months ago, and I repainted it and my nephew helped me put it up last weekend. I feel bad for him that he lost the desire to hunt after his father died in 1995, but I sure do treasure all those memories. I learned everything I know from the two of them.
      My ex-husband was always just as excited as I was when I got one. The buck mounted on the wall was taken in 1991, on a south Georgia farm. We all saw him throughout that season, and when I shot him my father-in-law said, “Son, she got our deer.” But he was happy for me anyway. He scored 124 7/8. The other photo is of me and a deer I took on theWanda2_2 farm where I still hunt. He was my first 10-point, and I was so excited. Could ya tell by my smile! I had a little trouble finding him. The men on the farm told me I missed him, and I had better check my scope. I called my ex that night, and asked him about how they react when they are hit. And he said, “You know you are a good shot, don’t pay those men any attention, just go back and start looking in the thick brush, and I know you will find him.”
      So I went right back the next day and kept on til I found him.


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Kristine Shreve

I love to see photos and read stories like this. It is great to see female hunters being spotlighted. This will provide great role models for the next generation.


I heartily agree with Kristine!It's so great to see and read about other female hunters.

Growing up I was the only girl I knew that hunted. I always went out opening day of deer season with my dad and uncles. And last October I was lucky enough to marry an avid hunter who exposed me to even more types of hunting. Can we just say waterfowling addiction? lol. The guys in my life have always been great and encouraged my interest in hunting. But it was only fairly recently that I found so many other women out there that enjoyed hunting and the outdoors as much as I do. It's a wonderful feeling knowing I'm not alone!:)


Seeing pictures and reading stories are always the best encouragement that I find. Congratulations to Wanda. Thanks for sharing.


It's great to see pictures of other's success, especially since bow season starts for me in just a few weeks, and we've been working hard to get things going. I was also the only girl I knew who hunted growing up. It was great to get out with my dad and hunt every day over Thanksgiving break, and it was even better when I got to share the success of my 10 point with the guys I went to school with. I was fortunate enough to find someone who shares the same hobbies I do and loves them just as much, hopefully he and I will have more stories to tell after the season starts. Congrats to Wanda and good luck to everyone!

Annette Shearer

I love seeing the fruits of our feminine hunting labors come to fruition right on my screen! It also intrigues me how other women got into hunting. I probably wouldn't have if my father wasn't an avid hunter. I knew nothing else growing up. I never had store bought meat or vegetables until I was a freshmen in high school. We raised,grew,harvested,and hunted everything we ate. I knew how to skin a rabbit in fourth grade. The family rule was...if you kill it you have to prepare it. I now live far away from my family and the hunting lands I grew up with, however, I always go back to hunt every year I can. Congrats to all women who hunt!! It is amazing to know that other women are really avid hunters and I am not alone


The photos are awesome. Way to go! I am even more excited about my very first deer hunt coming up in December after talking with my new friends and seeing all of the pictures. I grew up with a little small game hunting so this is definitely different for me but I am willing to learn and I think I have found the ladies to help me along. I am learning alot from reading all of the stories and comments. I am going on a trip with my daughter this weekend to get the rifle I am going to hunt with sighted in and get some good help in preparing for my hunt. My daughter is 21 and I am hoping to get her really into the hunting thing now instead of waiting until she is older like I did. She already loves Camo so she is on her way. Ha! She Loves the outdoors and has a 7 mth old little boy so I am hoping his Mom and Grandma(Me) can teach him about hunting. That would be awesome.


I too feel very lucky to have, by chance, found a guy who was willing to share his love of hunting with me. There were no hunters in my family growing up, so I had never been introduced to it.

As evidenced in the Huntress blog, hunting indeed bonds and (arguably) empowers women in lesser traditional ways. In my case, as in many I'm sure, it also serves as a common ground between my boyfriend and myself. In that regard, I'd feel a little guilty not giving a shout out to all the guys who have gone out of their way to introduce a woman to the sport. Your time, patience, and insight is undoubtedly very appreciated by that gal (not to mention those that she will go on to introduce to hunting).

To the nay-sayers (are there truly any willing to admit so anymore?) -- look out. Women hunters are growing exponentially and if you read these blogs, you'll know we're committed hunters; we're respectful of each other, the land, and the game; we're articulate; and intelligent. Lucky for you,we vote AND dump loads of money into the sport. On the last two points alone, we work wonders for helping protect this great legacy. So quit givin' us grief about the pink gear, will ya?
Happy and safe hunting to ALL

Wanda Hyleman

I feel like I have a new family....
Thanks for all your comments, I too have felt like I was the only woman around that hunts, I know a few women that do, but they don't have the fever quite as bad as I do..lol
My sister hunts and this year we will be hunting together sometimes.
Thanks again for the comments, I enjoy reading the blog, makes me proud to know there are more women like me out there, that are not afraid to be themselves...

Laura Bell

Congrats on those Bucks!
Seeing those pics makes me even more excited for the upcoming bow season. Hoping to get my first deer with the bow! I'm going to have a blast trying that's for sure!
Good Luck to everyone that ventures out this deer season!!

Amy (Boomer)

I just happened to stumble across this site and thought I'd join in the conversation. I LOVE TO SCRAPBOOK and let me tell you do I have A LOT of hunting photos in my scrapbook. I'm going to be 21 yrs old next week and I was getting depressed because I felt like I hadn't acheived anything in my life when my fiance pointed out the animals hanging on the wall and told me that I practically had him beat. Anyway, I really enjoy updating my scrapbook after every hunting season...which by the way, I am taking my fiance out squirrel hunting on my birthday..he's never been out squirrel hunting so I'm taking him. I also plan to take him out for turkey in the Spring, wish us luck!