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Kim Hiss, an associate editor at Field & Stream, has hunted ducks, antelope, turkeys, and deer throughout the country, enjoying a number of women's hunts along the way. She lives in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Click here to email Kim.

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June 15, 2007

This page has been moved to http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/fshuntress

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The Women’s Camo Company Directory

Some women are perfectly happy with men’s clothing, or prefer saving money by wearing youth sizes, but the majority of respondents to our poll said finding the right camo was a real problem (more so than finding a gun or people to hunt with). So we did some digging. The companies listed here (with examples of each of their clothing) have the most extensive women’s lines out there. They include well-known mega-manufacturers and smaller businesses owned by women. Whether you’re outfitting yourself or buying for someone else, consider this your starting point.

CabelasThe world’s foremost outfitter has catered to female hunters on and off throughout the years and formally launched its current line of quiet, rugged hunting clothes for women in 2000. Twelve styles are available in five camo patterns, including quick-dry tops and pants, packable rain gear, and insulated outerwear. There are upland and shooting vests, too. (Women’s Dry-Plus Silent Suede Insulated Jacket pictured here, $130); sizes S–XXL; 800-237-4444; cabelas.com

SHE Safari
ShesafariIn 2005 Texas hunter Pam Zaitz set out to make “the largest women-only line of hunting clothes known to man.” She might have actually done it: Her company manufactures 53 styles of field wear (with more to come), in seven patterns, all designed with input from 27 female pro staffers. Three collections—Safari, Upland, and Camouflage—feature everything from pleated, vented shirts to water-repellent fleece outerwear. (Hunter Fleece Zip Jacket pictured here, $90); sizes XS–XXL; 936-756-7169; shesafari.com

Bass Pro Shops RedHead
RedheadThe RedHead line for women is fairly extensive, with eight different hunting boots and 18 styles of clothing in Mossy Oak and Realtree patterns such as rain gear, polyester-cotton insulated coveralls, and non-insulated bibs. (RedHead For Her Silent-Hide BDU Pants pictured here, $40); sizes S-XL; 800-227-7776; basspro.com

Gander Mountain
GandermtThe well-developed Guide Series of women’s hunting apparel comprises upland and blaze orange clothing, basic camo tees and six-pocket pants, high-tech rainwear, and insulated waterproof outerwear—over 16 styles of field gear in all. (Guide Series Women’s Camo Fleece Vest pictured here, $35); S–XL; 888-635-2614; gandermountain.com

Foxy Huntress
FoxyhuntressAfter Shelah Zmigrosky was forced to wear men’s clothing on her first safari, she began her own line in 2006. The Huntress Collection is 18 styles in safari, upland, and signature camo designs, from lightweight mesh vests to rugged, waterproof, cotton canvas rip-stop fabric outerwear. (Predator pants, featuring a snap/Velcro crotch, pictured here, $145); sizes XS–XL; 866-370-1343; foxyhuntress.com

Mossy Oak
MossyoakCreated in fit sessions with female models, this growing line now offers four field styles for ladies and will be introducing four more soon. The collection includes pieces such as 7-ounce twill shirts and polar fleece jackets in Mossy Oak Break-Up. (Ladies’ Quest shirt pictured here, $44); Sizes S–XL; 800-331-5624; mossyoakapparel.com

High Maintenance Camo
HighmaintencejpgThis small Florida-based company was founded in 2005 by three sisters who wanted better gear. They throw in some hunting-themed sportswear (and intimates) but get serious with nine pro-staff items in Realtree patterns: cotton tops, insulated outerwear, and a patent-pending in-seam zipper bib. (Pro Staff Thermal Bibs pictured here, $120); sizes XS-2XL; 866-462-0913; hmcamo.com

ScentlokThe company that specializes in odor-eliminating products makes fleece outerwear (like pull-on pants with an elastic waistband), shooter’s gloves for bowhunters, and BaseSlayers tops and bottoms specifically for women, available in two camo patterns. (BaseSlayers Performance Top pictured here, $75); sizes S-XL; 800-315-5799; scentlok.com

In addition to shooting vests, Browning has four pieces of hunting camo specifically for women--mostly high-performance outerwear in Mossy Oak patterns, including packable, breathable rain gear. (Pac Jac for Her pictured here, $150); sizes S-XL; 801-876-2711; browning.com

L.L. Bean
L.L. Bean makes about four pieces of field gear for women--all upland designs, ranging from water-resistant brier pants to a tan-and-blaze orange jacket with a gamebag. (Pa’tridge Vest II pictured here, $69); 800-441-5713; llbean.com


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Another manufacture to check out for women and youth clothing is Game Hide. www.gamehide.com I don't now how wide spread through the country they are, but they had great quality clothing. I know you can find them readily in the Pacific Northwest at Joe's (GI Joes).