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January 08, 2009

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Bass Eats Out Of Hand

Or as fishingjones says, the bass whisper...

This brought a smile to my face.  Hope it does for you too. 



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Blue Ox

Pretty snifty video!


I had a great uncle with a small farm pond that had a largemouth trained to eat out of his hand. Old Hank was the fishes name (Cletus was my uncle). Anyhoo, Clete could call and that fish would come swimming from wherever it was in the pond. I think winter kill may have finally taken old Hank, that or he foundered (feeding Hank became a bit of a neighborhood attraction).

Alabama flygirl

That is cool!!

Brian T

My very first open, freshwater SCUBA experience (1964)had us sitting on the bottom in 10' of clear water. Dug out 2 clams, mushed them together and held them out for the fish. So delighted, I started to chuckle/laugh and lost my mouthpiece. Damn near drowned. What a pleasure to see it done again.


i had a pet smallmouth that used to eat live minnows and nightcrawlers out of my hand. even ate my pet frog.

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