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December 03, 2008

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Too Much Fly Media?

Okay... I'll assume it's a given that you all are religious readers of Field & Stream magazine. I know... you love the insightful, detailed, sometimes lyrical, stories on flyfishing that you find there...

But what I'm wondering is, what else do you read? Other magazines? Websites? Other blogs?

And do you turn to certain media for specific reasons? I, for one, like to read The Drake. I check out Midcurrent every day. I'm a fan of Fly Rod & Reel and some others. I read some for the tips. Others for the stories/writers.

Ultimately, however, I think there's an awful lot of clutter out there, relative to flyfishing. Maybe too much. Maybe I'm wrong. What do you think?

(Sure, this is blatant self-serving market research, but I am legitimately interested.)



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There is a lot of clutter, but good ones will stick. Unfortunately (for this) the internet is so inexpensive - bad ones may never leave!

However, I see room for more. I don't know what I'm looking for - some (as you mentioned) are good for the differences they add and brought to us. Maybe one these will be the ones to expand further or incorporate others. (I like t one-stop-shop).


Wild on the Fly
Fish and Fly
American Angler
Fly fishing in Saltwater
Saltwater Fly Fishing
Shallow Water Angler

It seems the best fly fishing Mags. are the SALTWATER type.

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Fly fishing in Saltwater

Alex Pernice the fly rod winner

Fly fishing in Saltwater


I think Trout Underground is a great blog and I wish there was something similar in Colorado in terms of environmental news affecting fishing...maybe you can add more of that type of content here.
I also really like The Itinerant Angler.

Blue Ox

I like Moldy Chum.

Matt Penttila

I like reading Fly Fisherman and American Angler along with Field and Stream. As for online, there are too many to list, but Rogue Angels and Fly Angler Online have become a daily or every other day viewing, along with this one daily. There are those magazines I really don't care for, mainly because they are published by the same company as one of the other ones I read and just rehash the same thing the other magazine I just read covered. Although I do like the fact that Fly Fish America went digital, so I can look at the issues I missed at the fly shop because I was actually out fishing rather than hanging out in a fly shop.

jerry k

fly rod and reel,field and stream,out door life(it comes with the field and stream subscription)fly fisherman, and wild fowl

Fly Fish Papa

On the internet I look at the Trout Underground everyday, awesome resource for the Upper Sac and surrounding areas in addition to a solid record of environmental activism.

Fly Talk is a daily read as well as Midcurrent.

For magazines, California Fly Fisher is one of the tops for me. I am also a big fan of Northwest Fly Fishing. Field & Stream fills in the other areas of the outdoors that I enjoy.


fly rod and reel


Anything by John Gierach


this is fly
drake message boards
moldy chum
and this blog

FF is shit
F&S is a waste


First and foremost, THANK YOU DEET for getting involved with Field & Stream. I have been a loyal (like I have back issues to '85 kind of loyal) reader of F&S, but until you came along what, a year or so ago, it had become Deer and Bass magazine. Don't get me wrong, I like them both, but it got to a point where that was it. Now, if I could somehow get some upland bird hunting and dog articles, but I digress.....

I like Fly Fisherman magazine. Grey's Sporting Journal is good, a little high brow at times, but it covers more of my interests (fly fishing and upland hunting). Kinda pricey though so I only have it when I get a gift subsription.

On the internet there is way too much clutter, but MidCurrent is good, this blog is very good, Little River Outfitters (Townsend, TN) has a great site (Very good message board).

In my humble opinion, what is missing is some good fly fishing programming on TV. I know there are a couple, but it seems to be 95% bass fishing, with the rest of all of fishing making up the final 5%. And I like to bass fish, too (Don't blog slam me Joey), but a little diversity would help, especially if it involves what I like!!!!

My 2 pennies!


blogs rule and speak the truth:

trout underground,
moldy chum,
carp on the fly,
fishing and thinking in Minnesota

the rags they got out on the market these days are complete shite; nothing but ads...


oops I forgot Fishing Jones.


Pretty much the Trout Underground every day. I always want to see what he's going to say next.

A. Wannabe Travelwriter

Trout Underground for seriously good fishing info, great pictures (make that really great pictures) and someone on top of the environmental issues of the day.

Singlebarbed for an artist in fly-tying and a master of gonzo-style prose. Not for the faint of heart or lazy reader.


PRINT (in order of preference):
Fly, Rod & Reel
Fly Fisherman

On the NET (not in any particular order):
Moldy Chum
Trout Underground

Sadly, I have found that the quality and consistency of online river reports have gone to the dogs. I subscribe to several email lists that used to produce fairly accurate reports on a weekly basis. Now I am lucky to get one report every two months.


Moldy chum
This is Fly daily
Rogue Angels
Classic tying board
Tackle tour


Wags... thanks. You are very kind. (We'll get that check out asap)...

An add-on question here...

Are blogs even media? I think it's a whole different ball game, writing for magazines vs. writing here... not only technically, but philosophically. Both have their ups and downs. Do you feel like you're "shopping at a different kind of store" when you hit a blog, vs. read a magazine?


I depend on mostly blogs for information and reports and just to keep up with what is going on throughout the country. Some of my favorites:

Trout Underground
Ian Ruters Fishing Report
I Tie Therefore I AM
This is Fly
Fly Fishing Yellowstone
Cutthroat Stalker
Fly Fishing Community

Matt Dunn

I'm not sure what it means for the internet to be "cluttered." It's not like it's going to get filled up and shutter its doors next year. The more choices the better. While it can be hard to find the "good" blogs, that's not necessarily the "clutter's" fault. And it also makes it that much better when you do find one.

I really don't like this attitude about choice. A guy I used to work for who ran a large craft beer distribution company wished there were fewer brands of craft beer available because many consumers were intimidated by the number of craft beers and didn't know where to start so they never did start. They stuck with their Bud or their Coors or their Miller because it was easy. They knew what they were getting. It was safe.

Pruning craft brewing down to a nub may or may not "grow the craft market share." I think that's irrelevant. I want the variety. I want the choice. I want to work hard to learn about different makers and their seasonal beers and their one-offs and their barrel aged beasts.

I want to find that hidden gem of a blog that nobody else has heard of yet. And I want to link to it from my blog.

I like Fflogger because you guys always ask good questions. Like this one. You really keep them coming too. I like that.


You make a good point, Matt, and I agree with you. I think the clutter (or at least the perception of clutter) is more on the print side. There are 30-some-odd printed flyfishing-specific verticals in the market now. Some say (read "advertisers" here) that's too much. Especially in the context of having a number of cool blogs out there...fishbeer.com definitely included... where people are turning for info/entertainment/both...

Mac Murphie

I don't know who is bankrolling all of these other fly fishing mags, but there is way too much out there and I think it takes away from the really great publications like Field and Stream. I also think fly fishing has become very commercialized and more about selling gear and some magestic lifestyle than about catching and eating a really good fish dinner.
These other publications are manufacturing the poser-type of fly fishermen that I see so much more often. People that jump in and think they're pros because they have the expensive gear. It spoils something about the experience for the ones who've been doing it with uncle what'sisname's flypole since gradeschool.


KD - Forget the check....Let's go fishing!!! Besides, someone once gave me some advice about checks from guys making a living as guides and the "elasticity" of said checks. Oddly enough, same thing was said about guys who write magazine articles for a living?! Strange.

No doubt in this day and age that blogs are media. They are certainly a different breed. I think of print as more of "news". More editing, more formal, etc. Not necessarily better information, just more formal. Blogs are more stream of consciousness, less restricted (See Fish vets!!!). I enjoy both, but I am really starting to prefer blogs for the interactive part. As far as too many mags, I would think that the natural process would be those that are good get circulation and thus advertising dollars, those that aren't fail and go away. But, then again the rules of economy apparently no longer apply so maybe not.

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