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December 19, 2008

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The Wunder Boner: A perfect X-Mas Present?

Our friend Joe Cermele over at The Honest Angler provided us with an insightful, time-saving, knowledge gleaning post a couple of days ago on proper fish cleaning techniques. Yeah, that's right an entire post - and a long one at that.

Kirk and I decided to save Joe a little time and after viewing this commercial via our friends over at Busterwantstofish.com picked up the phone and ordered Joe a Wunder Boner for Christmas.




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everyone needs one of those.



"We're sorry, your comment has not been published because TypePad's antispam filter has flagged it as potential comment spam. It has been held for review by the blog's author."
--The FlyTalk autoresponder

My attempt to throw a Viagra joke in the mix has failed miserably. :)

Evan V

"My wife would like that!"

Mr. Creosote

The spam filter obviously has a filthy mind...

I was simply going to give my hearty endorsement to the Wunder B*ner and add that I've been playing around with one since the age of 12 and can highly recommend it.

Nothing wrong with that, is there?...

Smiling Bob

It's not only a great Xmas present put great to give on any occasion.
By the way, that's been my nickname since high school.

tim Romano


I'm not even going to ask...


Thanks Tim, but I don't need one. I get a brand new wunder boner every time I sharpen a fillet knife to go to work on a tuna.

tim Romano


Chad Love

I think I'm ODing on all the double entrendes this blog post is giving rise to...


"rise to" way to join the club Chad

Fat Guy Alex

I have one, and have been trying to give it away for years, but for some reason people just run away when I ask them if they want it. I don't get it.

jake b

Has anyone used this wunder tool?

Blue Ox

Sounds like something you might find in a porn shop...


To top it all off, I think that Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs does the main VO. Classic.


Had one, and just like Alex says, you can't give em away, I managed to conviently lose mine in an apartment move once......

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