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December 07, 2008

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The Canyon Trip Winner...

Is Sue B. E-mail me at [email protected]. You can bring Glenn, of course, and we'll just figure out a good time to go float that gorge. I'll see if I can talk Timmy into it... we'll make a story/adventure out of it. I'm thinking late summer, after the stonefly craziness, when we can catch some big ones the old-fashioned way.

Wags... you were right there... we're also going fishing somewhere, sometime next season. Hit me up and we'll plan it.

Truth is, there were many great responses, and I deeply appreciate all of them. Stay tuned for other such posts... I'd like to fish with all of you!



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Sue B. - Darn your hide........and congratulations. That was a well thought out, finely articulated post. I think I may be somewhere near the "color by numbers" part of the artist journey! Have fun and do something to give a great story.

Deet, Thanks and I would very much look forward to the chance. I have an idea and will drop you an e-mail sometime.


Sue B. - Darn your hide........and congratulations! That was a very well thought out, finely articulated post. I think I am currently at the "color by numbers" section of the artist's journey. Have a blast and I look forward to reading up on the adventure.

Deet - Thanks, and I would very much look forward to the chance to wet a line. I have an idea, I'll shoot you an e-mail sometime.

Matt Penttila

Congrats to Sue B.
Have fun on the trip.

Chad Love

Wags, I think you guys should swap straight across, flyfishing trip for a quail hunt...



Based on the way things are going this season it would not be a very fair trade. I would get a great fly fishing trip and he would just get to take a long walk while carrying a shotgun. Or, not carrying a shotgun, either way the results would be about the same, just a long walk. If things don't turn soon I'm going to start blasting starlings!!

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