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December 18, 2008

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The Abel-Madoff Dish from the Drake

Who needs TMZ? For the real gossip skinny on the flyfishing world, just check out this latest juicy tidbit from our good pal Tom Bie at The Drake. I'll leave the commentary to you folks, but not before nominating this video clip for the CF4S Hall of Fame.



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I think more importantly, we are getting deeper into our line discussion.

I guess owing a reel company doesn't mean you can cast/ fish... right?

Len Harris

The drake board is a home for misfits. Nothing but a bunch of pervs and womanizers. Am surprised Field & Stream allows references to that site.



still a little raw from the last go around?


"The drake board is a home for misfits. Nothing but a bunch of pervs and womanizers."

Who's making T-shirts? I'll take two. LOL.


Len Harris

I sent some links to some of more juvenile
threads from The Drake to ALL of the Field & Stream supervisors. Told them to look for themselves.



Suggestion. Don't go to the Drake message board if you don't like it. Duh...

PS You sound like a fifth grader that just tattled on little jimmy in math class. Grow up.

Len Harris

I subscribe to Field & Stream Magazine.
Never in a 1,000 years anything related to The Drake.


Tom Bie is my friend. He also happens to he a great writer, editor, and leader in the flyfishing world. I read The Drake because I like to, very much. The message board there is what it is, just like this one is what it is... just like anything on the Internet. This angle is relevant because it involves an "iconic" reel company. Bie scooped me on the story (not unusual)... I am therefore compelled to refer to his site that had the brains, insight, and guts to offer commentary first. E-Journalism 101. By the way, please copy me on the next memo to the supervisors, because I ultimately decide what goes on this blog, or not.

Chad Love

Hell, I'm not even one of you poofta fly anglers and I still enjoy reading The Drake.

OK, so I'm really just a wannabe.

Fly angler.

Not poofta.

And judging by the snarky comments about the video I guess you'd better learn how to double haul before posting any flyfishing videos on Youtube.

Could someone please teach me how to double haul so no one will make fun of me, too?

tim romano

Poofta? geeze...

What do we have to do around these parts to be manly? Sling dual hand cannons in chest holsters out on the river?

Chad, I could try and teach you to double haul, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help. Ask Deeter

Not really sure what a wannabe fly fisherman is... Contrary to all the snarky comments, I'm of the opinion that there is no elite club. It's all bulls#%$. Fishing is Fishing. I prefer to use a fly, but don't judge.

unless of course you're dunking worms...



Grow up. If you have a problem, deal with it on the appropriate site. Don't come here and bad mouth people/things and drag this site into your worthless existence. You constantly cry to everyone but those involved. Looks like you have managed to piss off another online community.

Too bad that thread with all the legal documents on how you got you partner injured got deleted... that would have been a good one to send around.


Don't waste your breath on this guy. He loves going to FF boards and starting crap. Ask Tom about him if you don't already know. I hate to admit it, but he is from my home state, Wisconsin, and is one big cheesehead douche bag that thinks he can write. I think he is just jealous of the Drake and it's popularity among flyfisherman. Go to his blog http://lenharris.blogspot.com/2008/08/stream-of-time.html and read his stuff, yawn...


I'm a little disturbed with what I've found with some of the links on this site. I work for a government agency, and while at work today, I clicked on one of your links, which I assumed would take me to another fishing/hunting site. I was really upset with what I found. The computer systems where I work have filters in place that allow them to monitor where we surf. When I found a bunch of porno popping up, I was pissed. How do I explain this one. You would think that Field & Stream would have reputable links in place. I'm certainly gonna blacklist this site at home to keep my son, who is 8 and loves fishing, from coming here. C'mon, lets keep it about fishing,if I want porn, there are certainly other places to find it. now I have to explain how I ended up on a porn site at work. Thanks alot guys.....

Chad Love

Tim I'm just trying to overcompensate for my rather delicate and sensitive true nature...

And if you ever saw me cast a fly rod you'd know what a wannabe is...


I have been to the drake and have to agree with other comments on here about the childish behavior and seemingly lake of moderation on the site. I logged in awhile back and was immediately blasted by everyone because I choose to fish with spin tackle! Granted it is a flyfishing site, but I also saw another comment on here that said fishing is fishing (unless worm dunking) well what about my nine year old daughter that loves to fish with worms??? I host and produce an outdoor show and being in the industry I certainly would not promote such a biased and unprofessional site. I have lost any interst I ever had in F&S because of thier endorsement of The Drake!

Adam Dolan

Wow people defending the staff of Drake for being greedy perverts. I could been fired for clicking on this at work, I could been sleeping on the couch for a week if I clicked on it front of my wife. Maybe they should try getting some add money from some sites. They lost a reader.

Tim Romano

In response to Len, Adam, Kevin and Chris, I apologize that you stumbled upon offensive material. I can ensure you that it was not our intention to create a link to pornography of any kind. Unfortunately, the nature of surfing the web sometimes means we stumble upon things we were not looking for. We have no control over the material posted on the Drake website and were merely linking to a story the majority of our readers would find entertaining. I personally have never seen porn on their site and I visit often for quality information. I will be sure to let our friends at the Drake know that there might be some offensive, unintentional material lurking deep in their forum. So, I see no need to get in a tizzy over this. It is clear that our blog post did not directly link to any so-called porn, so please stop pretending like we shoved some offensive material in your face. Where you go from the link we give you is your own business. Like I said, I am going to let the folks at the Drake know what you say is there. The beauty of the web is that you aren't forced to visit any certain website and read its material - you are in complete control of the links you click. If you don't like what you read here, or elsewhere, it's your choice not to come back. In the spirit of the season, let's all take a break from the negativity. Happy holidays.



tell your daughter to drop the worms and fish like a real girl.

Give her a fly rod for christmas.


Wow. You must be kidding Len, Chris, et. al. We throw out a story linking a major gear manufacturer to a $50 billion scam, through association with a credible, respected source... and you come back to question our integrity based on the blog comments on that source?


It's funny how Len only made a couple of comments about an obviously sub standard message board, and HE is the one getting called a whiner by a multitude of douche bags.



You know this is all the same person, right???

Len is a failed writer who tried/ failed to do some TV (sound like Chris). Len also used to have a government job (sounds like Kevin), and if there were "filters"... they would have filtered anything bad.

All 3 posts have the same feel. This guy is very lonely and loves posting under different names in order to get attention.

There is no porn on the Drake. And while that link may have had some crude language (some on my part). There is no "porn popping up".

KD and TR sorry for dragging this out. You guys run a great blog. The link was a good post. Len is an annoying pest and will leave if ignored. I you don't praise his painfully boring attempts at elementry storytelling and humor he starts calling names, flips out, and carries a vendetta.

I'm done posting about it.



Obviously the same person. His spelling sucks too. I'm pretty sure you can ad TJA to that list.

Tom Bie

Guys, guys... I wake up this morning to check my daily dose of Deeterness, and this is what I find? I'm so ashamed. Thank you all for showing me the error of my ways.

I'm sure you can all understand that, as a businessman, the last thing I want is for a magazine that represents over a million middle-aged white guys to be telling them that there are women in thongs on my website. No way that would be good for business.

As has been pointed out, I'm pretty sure Len, Chris and Kevin are all the same person—or at least three different people trapped inside an ex-cop's body. But just in case they aren't, I will address each of you separately:

To Kevin--I hope you don't use the word "porno" around the house. I'd hate to see your 8-year-old learn a new term to type into the Google bar. I'm sure "boobs" has become boring by now. Regardless, I doubt this is the first time you've had to explain "how you ended up on a porn site at work." Keep earnin' them tax dollars, my friend!

And to Chris--I apologize if you were embarrassed by the Drake's "Lake of Moderation." You aren't the first. But if you come back in the fall, it has a sick callibeatis hatch. Maybe you'll have better luck then.

And to Len--what can I say old friend? You continue to raise the bar for moral standards and witty comebacks wherever you turn up. Like every other angler on the Internets, I only hope to someday achieve just half of what you've accomplished in life, using nothing but your keyboard and a carton o' crawlers.

Len Harris

I have posted ONLY under my name and email address.

The point of my post was bring attention to what sites were linked to my favorite magazine and online version.

I believe I did. The people at Field & Stream are classy. There is no place in Field & Stream for such an embarrassment.

Big Joe

Ha Ha

Drop the worms and fish like a real girl.....How bout let people especially children fish with whatever they want....Unless all of you are from chicago and all you do is flyfish(boring) I don't tell anyone how to fish and am pretty sure no one else needs to do so..
I eat trout sometimes is that a problem?


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