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December 15, 2008

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He pulls out a gun and shoots the salmon...

Rivers of a Lost Coast

From: Rivers of a Lost Coast Website

"At the turn of the 20th Century, a handful of pioneers carried their fly rods into California’s remote north coast and gave birth to a culture that would revolutionize their sport. For a select few, steelhead fly fishing became an obsessive pursuit without compromise.

Leading the pack was the mythical, Bill Schaadt, an off-kilter angler famous for his ruthless pursuit to be ‘in the fish’. The new endeavor was ruled by a demanding, unspoken code, which made 'breaking in' almost as difficult as 'breaking out'.

By the early 1980s, the Golden State’s coastal fisheries found themselves caught in a spiraling decline. As California searched for its disappearing salmon and steelhead, these men foraged for their souls."

I don't know about you, but this seems to be what a fishing movie should be about. It's got history, fantastic imagery, character building, and even a little fish porn. Geeze - imagine that, a contemporary video on fishing that has some substance. Heck, they've even got Tom Skerritt narrating it.

I can't wait to see it.

click here for more info and to visit Rivers of a Lost Coast's website.



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I was lucky enough to see a screener/rough cut version of this movie. I was skeptical of it because I enjoy the new genera of fly fishing movies out these days (AKA "Fish Porn"). It is an excellent movie/documentary and I was pleasantly surprised on how it kept my attention the whole time. The narration, old pictures, interviews and story is outstanding. It is all very well done and a nice change from all of the "fish porn" movies. Don't get me wrong, I still love the "fish porn" movies, but this movie also shows people and anglers that have so much love and passion for sport in a different way. It has some great stories about the birth of West Coast Fly Fishing and I would recommend this to anyone who loves to fish.


Tom Skerritt was the icing on the cake for this film. I believe it was his first appearance since 'A River Runs Through It' for fly fishing. Glad to see him helping out with our rivers.


Niiiice, gonna def see it if I can


i will see this movie just to find out about the salmon shooting...

Matt Penttila

I can't wait to see the movie either. As for the fish shooting, I don't know about that so much as keeping the 45 handy inside the vest to deal with those vicious Pit Bulls running around a couple years back. Long story short was a family moved in next to a prime fishing hole on the Millers River here in MA, had a couple pit bulls and figured that by being in the country they could let them run free, even though the town and state have a leash law. Downfall was that the pit bulls went after anything that moved, including fishermen waist deep in the river casting for trout. Fortunately the state stepped in after a couple fishermen had a run in with the dogs and the dogs owners, thus the dogs haven't been seen since.


a visable .45 in a chest holster is needed in many parts of PA. Not for the 4 leggers... rather the 2 leggers


Lani Waller, who is the guy who makes the shoots the salmon comment, is a friend and an excellent steelhead fisherman. Has a book out "Rivers of Dreams" that's an excellent quick read. He's full of great perspectives on fishing and life. He saw the early rough cut, before Skerritt completed the narration, and said it turned out really well. Much better than he was anticipating.


Anybody have any idea where this will be shown? There isn't any information on the website as to where it will be shown.


The film is going to go through a west coast tour in a couple of months and the website should reflect that info when it becomes set in stone. The website will be kept up to date with this info.

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