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December 09, 2008

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Fly Talk Photo Contest - Update


Alright folks, this one here is for our friend Joey. I'm not even going to admit to what we were doing...

After receiving quite a few submissions for the Fly Talk photo contest I realized we don't have nearly enough entires that relate to humor. Dig em up and send them in!

I'm thinking that we'll be handing out a number of pretty sweet prizes from packs to sunglasses. I think we're gonna do more than three prizes too. Kirk and I are feeling generous this time of year and would like to give back to the fly talk community. So keep sending those photos to [email protected] and we'll let everyone vote on their favorites just after the new year.

best of luck,



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you guys must be desperate for content.


Tim can speak for himself, but I still have plenty of stones to throw.

better than, fun time fishing...

what kind of name is that anyway?


i dunno, some b.s. i made up drunk at the spur of the moment. why?


Tim, Tim, Tim... what in good god's name is going on in this photo?? If that is what I think it is, you and I need to have a talk bro. Not cool. I know the temptation is high and the pressure can mount up, but c'mon...

We have a saying on the DSP: "When really frustrated, go to the compound bow before you go to the can 'o corn." Live by it.



that's cheating!! everyone knows that trout will eat a woolly bugger!!

tim Romano


two words: grass carp. Get it? I hate them and swear they subsist on nothing but water.


Alex Pernice the 13 year old fly rod winner

You're not alone Tim, I hate grass carp too. I nearly snapped my loomis on the lake I fish in Wisconsin (lake Geneva, I bet blue knows about it) My old reels drag blinded up when I accidentally snagged about a 17 pound grass carp and my tippet gave out before my rod luckily.
That reel is now a puddle of destroyed plastic (my brother spilled a can of gas on it, it was an accident,) but thank god I had my fly line of it to be coated in a floatant or that might of been worse.



Touche Joey!

Yeah, I hear ya on the GC. My batting average with them is low-low.

But come on... are you trying to say that "no corn" should not be a rule for the fly angler? Are you suggesting "no corn" should be more of a general guideline?? "Use corn at your discretion?" Where do we draw the line here Tim? If we don't have rules what do we have? What separates us from the animals in the woods?

OK OK... I swear I'll stop posting about carp now. No more carp jokes in '09 is my resolution. I swear. Seriously.



WTH, it's not even shoepeg corn.....

About as good as a #12 Pink Nighty (12" pink nightcrawler)?


gotta go with the hominy...

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