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December 04, 2008

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Deeter: Already Got My Christmas Gift


Shhh. Don't tell anyone, but I already got my Christmas gift... by way of this unintentionally-noticed "gift list," drawn up by my eight-year-old son, Paul (see below). Looks like Grandma Sallie is going to get a she (sea) shell, or a book. Great (meaning great-grandma), is in for a book or an ornament. And down there at the bottom... old dad is going to either get a new truck to replace his old one, a fishing pole, or Paul's school picture. For the record, Mom is on the other side of the list. He's thinking "parfum," a sweater, or a tree ornament. (He has exactly $8 in his wallet.)

As for me, I'm hoping for the picture. Funny, I have a (toy) truck and a fishing rod on my list for him... but don't tell!

I guess it's never too early to get into the holiday spirit. Here's wishing you, and all of yours, a very healthy, happy holiday season...




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Alex Pernice the 13 year old fly rod winner

Hehe... thats cute.

Alex Pernice the 13 year old fly rod winner

My list: I want to try muskie fishing, so a new pole or a trip to Colorado. (Deeter... bring it on!)


That is great........I have 3 kiddos myself, 10, 6, and 4. They make Christmas real sweet. Nothing better than children around this time of year. No knowledge of economic downturns or Dow Jones industrial averages. Just a countdown to the big day. it is funny now that they want to help me with getting something for their Mom, or vice-versa, how they sneak around and how you have to work with them on the concept of surprise. Then when we get something how they tease their Mom with, "I know what you're getting for Christmas."

Good luck getting that new truck. From what I see on the news the boys in Detroit sure would love to sell you one right about now!


Just looked at the list he made up.......maybe it will be a picture of a truck.

Terry Gunn

It gets no better than than that! Thanks for sharing KD.


Ted A.

That little dude is obviously a ladies man... You're in trouble Deeter! Happy holidays..


Ah jeez... (I grew up in Wisconsin) ... don't I know it. He's already planning to shower "jewelry" on all the major female figures in his life... and he's 8 years old.


great post!

though your pre-christmas snooping is shameless. "Unintenionally niticed" my foot!



The smartest thing we can do with holidays and fishing (and most other things in life) is to enjoy them like little kids do. The fact that this little guy is focused on what to give other people is priceless.My daughter is now an 18 yo young woman, but I'll never forget the joy she got shopping for everyone at Santa's Workshop when she was in little. Article made my day!


I'm just praying I get my 9 ft 6 weight helios for a trip out to montana this coming summer

jerry k

im holding out for a browning silver

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