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November 07, 2008

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New Video: Deeter's Cosmic Mend

Deeter, The Mend from Tim Romano on Vimeo.

I couldn't have rigged this if I tried...

I got a new camera the other day. A DSLR that shoots HD video too. It's one of the first of its kind in the world. Very cool stuff.

Anyway Deeter and I thought we'd try it out the other day and shoot some stuff for the blog. We've got some ideas on tips, tricks, etc... This was the first take of us messing around with the tips section and of course Deeter, the fish wizard (accidently) hooks a fish. We couldn't have planned it better if we had done this for two weeks straight.

This will be the start of a series of many small videos to come. Give me a week or two and I'll figure out how the Fly Talk nation can watch in HD instead of this crappy pixelated nonsense. Let us know what you'd like to see here...

Enjoy Deeter's tip, the video, and have a great weekend.



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Yeah, accidentally... within the first minute.

That's why I only do one show a day, babe. I won't do two...

Evan V

Deeter with a beard, a new place to hide those egg flies? ;)

Keep em coming!


That was awesome! LOL.


Showoff. (That was cool.)


But did he land the fish?

Chad Love

Tim I take it you're speaking of the new D90?

Man, that camera is making me seriously consider switching back to Nikon.

Plus, it shares its model # with the old Nikon N90s, which was one of my first real cameras back before the release of the original Canon D30 swayed me to the white lens world.

tim romano


yeah, I am. Funny, before the D700 and D90 I was thinking of switching over to Canon. I just bought the D90 as a back up and of course for the fact that it shoots video. Very limited controls, but HD with interchangeable lenses is something us mere mortals could have never have dreamed of before. You were talking in the 100K range...

I still own a N90 too, how funny is that?

Sit tight though man, Canon has one coming out (the EOS 5D Mark II) to and it's 1080HD not just 720HD. It is $2000 more than the Nikon though... Perhaps they'll unveil a consumer model too.

tim romano

he is a showoff and yes he landed the fish.



Stuff like this is terrific. Brief, specific tips make learning easy. And I appreciate that cause I ain't that smart.


Deeter. You are one mellow dude when you fish. Always like that?


Pretty much... Tim, do you disagree?


i hope canon comes out with a pro-sumer version. i just switched to canon last year (was a nikon and leica guy since the late 80's). crap, i didn't know nikon's version was that much cheaper. everyone i know just ordered the canon 5d mark ii....


By the way... I think Tim is going for the "Young Frankenstein" effect with the black & white here. I think he fancies himself an Igor (I-gor) character in the presence of the "doctor."


What the f...! How many times did you try this? I'm joking, super cool man!

Blue Ox

Gotta love the grin factor when a demonstation works out as intended.


Deeter - please make sure to tell Timmy to "walk this way."

By the way - the hole Deeter was in always needs a good mend and a fish will be at the end of the line.


"Did you get that?" Hilarious.
I also would love general tips like this in video form. Keep it up!


I love it when stuff like this happens. Makes you look like you actually know what you're doing. Great fishing on the Roaring Fork yesterday!


good video, great lesson! mending is an over looked skill.


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